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Bimini Islands are only 45 nautical miles from Miami but feel like a world apart

For yacht charter guests who wish to get the taste of the Bahamas but do not wish to fly to Nassau to cruise the Exumas, we suggest a week-long Miami to Bimini yacht charter. Bimini Islands are only 45 nautical miles from Miami but feel like a world apart. The Bimini Islands boast remote and secluded harbors and bays where wildlife abounds on land and sea, thus being a fantastic destination for a yacht charter. Bimini is a world-famous fishing and diving paradise. Dolphin watching is a popular Bimini yacht charter activity too.

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Miami to Bimini Yacht Charter Itinerary

Day 1: Alice Town & Bimini Bay Marina

Bimini Bay Marina will be our destination on the first day of our Bimini & Berrys charter. It’s just a 2 1/2 hour ride from Miami and where we will clear customs in the Bahamas. Guests will be able to spend the afternoon visiting Alice Town and enjoying miles of deserted beach on the north shore.

Day 2: Sapon shipwreck & Chub Cay

Leaving North Bimini, we will make a stop at the wreck of the cargo Sapona for some snorkeling before heading across the Great Bahama Bank for 3 hours run to the recently rebuilt Chub Cay Club, now one of the Bahamas most modern marinas, located at the southwest tip of the Berry Islands.

Day 3: White Cay

Leaving Chub Cay, a short 90 minutes cruise around the southernmost Berry Islands will take us to White Cay, in the central Berry Islands, often considered one of the most attractive anchorages in this part of the Bahamas. It is within “tender distance” of the 600′ deep Blue Hole on nearby Hoffman’s Cay and many sandy beaches to explore for a day, or more if desired.

Day 4: Great Harbor Cay

On day four of your charter, we will continue northbound towards Great Harbor Cay and anchor off one of the most beautiful beaches in the Northwestern Bahamas. Miles of pristine white sand and turquoise waters await you as well as the Sugar Beach Caves.

Day 5: Bimini Bay Resort

Depending on our guests’ desires we can spend an extra day in Great Harbor Cay or a day in Bimini at the all-new Bimini Bay Resort and Marina. We have included a blank day in the itinerary just in case you decide to spend more time somewhere along the way… This is your yacht charter after all!

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The 23 inhabited islands of the Bahamas and thousands of unpopulated islets make a great boating or sailing destination. The beautiful islands of the Bahamas lie only 50 miles off the Florida coast. Experience the gorgeous waters and an array of uninhabited cays by a private yacht charter!