Bimini Yacht Charters

Bimini, situated east of Miami, Florida in the Bahamas, is a true island paradise, perfect for yacht charters. The Gulf Stream, with its warm waters and extensive sea life, flows north of the island providing the opportunity to spot dolphins, marlin, sea turtles, and manta rays.

Bimini consists of North and South Bimini islands. The main settlement of Alice Town, located on North Bimini, has shops, restaurants, and taverns along a main strip known as “The King’s Highway.” Many yacht charters in the Bahamas come to this beautiful location for the big-game fish, but the islands have so much more to offer.

Exotic, unspoiled and captivating, Bimini offers any yacht charter guests the perfect island retreat for a romantic honeymoon, luxury vacation or corporate retreat. Pinkish gold sand offsets the cobalt waters of this stunning island paradise, ready-made for a variety of blissful beachside excursions. Swim on secluded beaches, snorkel in a cluster of tropical fish, or simply soak in the rays of the sun while listening to island birdsong.

Calm waters, warm air and large colonies of dolphins provide the perfect backdrop for spending the day under a summery sky. Or if you’d rather, journey to the local hotspots where the rum flows and island music entertains. Shopping and sunset bars offer the opportunity to take a respite from lounging on your yacht’s deck. But don’t linger too long inside…the pleasures of Bimini are embedded in the tropical landscape of this heavenly escape.

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