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Bimini yacht charters offer the perfect luxury vacation

Bimini, situated east of Miami, Florida in the Bahamas, is a true island paradise, perfect for yacht charters. The Gulf Stream, with its warm waters and extensive sea life, flows north of the island providing the opportunity to Bimini yacht charter guests to spot dolphins, marlin, sea turtles, and manta rays.

Bimini consists of North and South Bimini islands. The main settlement of Alice Town, located on North Bimini, has shops, restaurants, and taverns along the main strip known as “The King’s Highway.” Many yacht charters in the Bahamas come to this beautiful location for the big-game fish, but the islands have so much more to offer.

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Explore with a Yacht Charter: Bimini

Exotic, unspoiled, and captivating, Bimini offers any yacht charter guests the perfect island retreat for a romantic honeymoon, luxury vacation, or corporate retreat. Pinkish gold sand offsets the cobalt waters of this stunning island paradise, ready-made for a variety of blissful beachside excursions. Swim on secluded beaches, snorkel in a cluster of tropical fish, or simply soak in the rays of the sun while listening to island birdsong.

Calm waters, warm air, and large colonies of dolphins provide the perfect backdrop for spending the day under a summery sky. Or if you’d rather, journey to the local hotspots where the rum flows and island music entertains. Shopping and sunset bars offer the opportunity to take a respite from lounging on your yacht’s deck. But don’t linger too long inside…the pleasures of Bimini are embedded in the tropical landscape of this heavenly escape.

Things to Do & See on Your Bimini Charter

An isolated isle in Bimini

Scuba Diving

Snorkeling and diving yacht charters are popular in Bimini due to the vast array of marine life along the miles of coral reefs. Many shipwrecks in the area offer stunning underwater dive sites. The SS Sapona, for instance, was caught in a hurricane in 1926. It ran aground, leaving the top of the ship above water with the rest submerged. Some of the wood was stripped and used to build the Compleat Angler Hotel and Bar. Other interesting dive sites include “Bimini Road,” purportedly part of Atlantis, and the Gulf Stream drop-off, where the ocean floor drops an amazing 2,000 feet.

The Fountain of Youth

On North Bimini in a saltwater swamp surrounded by mangrove trees is “The Healing Hole,” a mineral-filled freshwater pool that is surrounded by winding underground tunnels. However, it is within the shallow pools of South Bimini that Juan Ponce de León found the fabled Fountain of Youth.

Shark Mounds

These sand dunes are formed in a variety of animal shapes, including the shark. Even though the animals can only been seen while flying over the islands, early maps depict the dune shapes. Controversy about the origin of the Shark Mounds exists still today.

Visit the Hemingway Museum on Your Bimini Yacht Charter

Ernest Hemingway moved to Bimini in 1935 to spend his days fishing and writing. He wrote To Have And Have Not here as well as his unfinished manuscript, In The Stream. The museum, located in the lounge of the Compleat Angler Hotel, features pictures and writings from his two-year stay here.

Explore Bimini Beaches

Of course, yacht charter guests love the beaches of Bimini. These unpolluted, soft, white sandy beaches are of the best in the Bahamas. The blue, clear water caresses the edge of the beach. The breeze is delightful and the sun is a smile in the sky. Remote beaches, such as Bimini Bay, Porgy Bay, and Paradise Point, are favorites of charterers.

Swim with Dolphins

Wild Atlantic Spotted Dolphins were found in the mid-1990s to have taken up residence in the warm salty waters of Bimini. It’s not uncommon for these enchanting creatures to come close during a swim or want to nestle nearby. No dive or snorkel equipment needed.

Big Game Fishing

Big game fishing is legendary in Bimini, home to one of the most historical fishing spots in the Bahamas chain known as Out Islands. Catch a 12-pound bonefish, blue marlin, or otherworldly giant gold and blue yellowfin tuna while on your Bahamian adventure. And don’t be surprised if you find a shark at the end of your fishing line.

Visit Alice Town

A cozy area of beachfront commerce and the center of the tourist trade on North Bimini Island, this tropical town features hotels, bars, and restaurants just a stone’s throw (or seashells) from the ocean. Leisurely stroll through the settlement dating back to 1848 and enjoy mid-day shopping or a refreshing pina colada at a family-owned bar.

There are many exciting activities for the whole family on your Bimini yacht charter. Call our charter specialists today to arrange the escape to paradise!