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Ocean vs Space

The answer seems obvious. Space is infinite and out of reach, while the oceans are finite and limited to our planet. We’ve been sailing the …

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Exuma’s Best of the Best

Sharing a getaway with friends and family is one of the things that makes travel so wonderful, but it can also make choosing a destination …

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What You Need to Know about Going to The Exumas

The Exumas might just be the most underrated islands in the Caribbean. This chain of Bahaman Islets and Cays may not see as many visitors …

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Bitcoin and Yachting

In the last few years, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have been on a meteoric rise. Not only have their values risen significantly, but more …

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5 Beautiful Islands in the Bahamas To See By Yacht

Bask in the warm orange glow as the sun sets on satiny white beaches that rest peacefully amid water so blue and clear, it seems …

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Palm Beach International Boat Show

One of the country’s top yachting events – the Palm Beach International Boat Show – returns to South Florida on March 22-25. With more than …

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Caribbean Bouncing Back from 2017 Hurricanes

A steady recovery has swept over many of the Caribbean islands hardest hit by Hurricane Irma. And although repairs and recovery remain, the Caribbean yacht …

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10 Hidden Gems You’ll Only Find in the Bahamas

Swaying palm trees. Refreshing trade winds. Some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. The azure waters of the Bahamas have long been synonymous with paradise, …

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Miami International Boat Show: What’s New for 2018

Calling all yachting enthusiasts! The International Miami Boat Show returns President’s Day Weekend (February 15-19) to Virginia Key in Miami. And this year, you don’t …

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5 Reasons to Visit the Great Barrier Reef

The best way to see the Great Barrier Reef is at your own leisurely pace, so discover unrivaled biodiversity and breathtaking natural beauty from the …

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