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Wreck Diving in the Bahamas

From underwater caves, to far-reaching coral reefs filled with vibrant color and a amazing array of marine life, there’s a dive site for novice divers …

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Chartering for Newbies

Welcome to the exciting world of charter yachts! Now that you’ve decided to embark on your first yacht charter, here are some things you should …

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Charter Yachts with Spa

One of the most exquisite touches of luxury available on a charter is a spa, and yachts with these facilities are becoming increasingly popular. For …

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James Bond’s Skyfall

When it comes to being “cool,” James Bond sets the standard. So when super yacht Regina made its way to the silver screen in the …

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Greece – top yachting destination in 2017

Experienced travelers and earnest wanderers of the world recently voted for their favorite countries to visit, bringing Greece to 1st place of the Best Countries …

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Romantic Bahamas

The Bahamas has been named one of the world’s 50 most romantic destinations in a recent National Geographic publication. With picture-perfect beaches, isolated coves, world-class …

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Charter Yachts with Water Slide

One of the most sought after yacht charter features is a water slide. Whether you’re a thrill seeker looking for an adrenaline rush, or a …

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How to Choose a Charter Yacht

Worldwide Boat charter broker Chris Green provides tips on choosing the perfect charter yacht for your next vacation on the water. Chris Green is a …

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One Island Park Marina

When you think of yachting in the United States, there are few places where it’s more popular – or a more natural fit for the …

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Hiking through Cinque Terre

You just can’t go to Cinque Terre without at least trying to walk the footpaths that go from town to town. They sound intimidating, yes, …

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