One of North America’s top yacht manufacturers, Westport offers a range of yachts in the 112- to 164-foot range

As the largest luxury yacht builder in North America, Westport Yachts has built a reputation for building boats that are the epitome of elegance, comfort and style.

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Today, the yacht builder – based in Washington state – offers a range of top-of-the-line vessels, including 112-, 125-, 130- and 164-foot megayachts.

Westport’s yachts are renowned for their durability, performance and comfort. The company has a commitment to exacting standards – similar to those used in aerospace engineering – and that’s helped Westport earn a reputation for delivering some of the finest crafts on the market.

These superyachts – like the 50-meter Westport 164 – utilize the latest technology, like gyrostabilization, spacious deck layouts, and opulent interior design to ensure supreme comfort while cruising the high seas.

A number of Westport yachts are available for charter through Worldwide Boat, including Westport’s 112-, 130- and 164-foot superyachts.

Westport’s Storied History in Nautical Engineering

Westport has long been a ship builder. In fact, the company was originally launched in 1964, first establishing itself as a producer of fishing boats, passenger ferries and other commercial vessels.

Based in Washington state, Westport was one of the first shipbuilders to popularize the use of composite materials in construction, and today, the Westport remains a leader in composite design and construction. Composite fiberglass – now widely used in yacht construction – maximizes the life of the vessel, while reducing maintenance costs due to its superior sturdiness, and it’s one reason Westport’s yacht are some of the most popular on the market.

To date, Westport has developed 200 different commercial ships and yachts. And in the last three decades, the company is widely recognized as a leader in superyacht construction. Today, Westport specializes in raised-pilothouse and tri-deck motor yachts in the 30-50 meter range.

A Closer Look at the Westport Luxury Yacht Lineup

Westport offers one of the most popular ranges of megayachts in the industry. In particular, the company’s 112-, 130- and 164-foot offerings are top choices among yacht buyers (with a recently introduced 125-foot yacht gaining in popularity, as well).

Here’s a rundown of Westport’s most popular vessels, all of which are available for charter through Worldwide Boat:

  • Westport 112 – Launched in 1993, with many successful redesigns along the way, the 34-meter Westport 112 is the manufacturer’s long-favorite raised pilothouse yacht. (It’s the same model as charter yacht Jopaju, which sails the Caribbean, Cuba and Florida.) The 112 is well-known for its wide beam, which opens results in spacious interiors and a sprawling salon. The 112 features accommodations for up to 8 guests in 4 luxurious ensuite staterooms, as well as an abundance of deck space.
  • Westport 130 – The company’s mid-sized tri-deck, the Westport 130, measures 40 meters. And since its launch in 2009, the 130 has become a favorite choice in the industry for its classic lines and spacious, opulent interiors. Charter yachts Antares and Pipe Dream are both 130s, and feature top-of-the-line finishes throughout. The 130 Westport sleeps 10 in 5 ensuite staterooms.
  • Westport 164 – Westport’s elegant top-of-range Westport 164 offers the best of the best in superyachting. The ship – like charter yacht AQUAVITA – measures 50 meters, and features accommodations for 12 guests in 6 ensuite staterooms. Not only is the 164 spacious, it’s built for superior cruising comfort and performance. The yacht’s gyrostabilizers greatly reduce rolling, and it’s capable of speeds up to 24 knots.

Westport Yachts: Signature Features

What makes Westport Yachts so special? From the immaculate interiors, to the serious performance, Westport’s reputation as a leader in superyacht design is well-earned.

  • High-End Performance – All of Westport’s luxury yachts are built for best-in-class performance. That includes efficient, yet powerful motors – which deliver top speeds of about 25 knots – as well as gyrostabilization and advanced technology.
  • Superior Construction – Westport’s signature composite fiberglass hulls ensure longevity and exterior durability. And the builder is known for its exacting standards. All material and finishes are also carefully selected, with only the finest materials fitted aboard.
  • Opulent Interiors – Westport has a long history of working with the industry’s top interior designers. The Westport 164’s interiors, for example, were outfitted by famed yacht designer Donald Starkey. And the builder offers a range of high-end, best-in-class finishes for its interiors.

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