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The meeting point of technical brilliance and first class design, the Perini Navi Group was started in 1982 when the founder, Fabio Perini, was unable to find a yacht that suited his personal preferences, concepts and ideas.

After building his first prototype in 1983, Fabio launched what later became the most successful series of large sailing yachts.

Now responsible for approximately 60% of the world market for sailing yachts over 45 meters, Perini Navi has achieved an impressive amount in a relatively short period of time. With its in-house design team, Perini Navi has been able to implement its own vision, systems and inventions in all aspects of construction and design. Using its own line of software, this innovative brand monitors yacht performance under sail, always relaying the data back to its shipyard teams for analysis and updates.

Of all its success, however, Perini Navi is universally acclaimed for its quality of construction, interior finish and raved-about comfort – setting new standards of luxury for large sailing vessels. Working closely with yacht brand Picchiotti, Perini Navi recently expanded its scope of capability to include the building of motor yachts. Today, the Perini Navi fleet includes more than 50 sailing yachts in navigation, all of which continue to impress yachting aficionados from across the globe.

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