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Yacht Lady B

Founded in 1990 by Jan Vitters, the shipyard’s current director, the boat-building brand, Vitters, consisted of a small team that originally focused its attention on building hulls.

In 1993, the Vitters Shipyard delivered its very first yacht, named Aphrodite, that was 28 meters in length, followed shortly by the 48.5-meter Thalia. At the time, Thalia was one of the largest sailing yachts in navigation across the globe.

Based in the Netherlands, and led today by managing directors Jan Vitters and Louis Hamming, this one-of-a-kind shipyard promises clients superior yachts built by creative and skilled professionals. Backed by a team of passionate experts – with years of experience facilitating the construction of aluminum hulls and superstructures – Vitters takes pride in the wealth of knowledge it has gained in the industry, and its ability to take that experience and continue to set new standards of excellence for yacht owners across the globe.

With this expertise, comes owner satisfaction. Given a full-fledged freedom to create, owners of Vitters yachts are able to see their yachts built from sketches to completion; having a say in its construction every step of the way.

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