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Mia Elise yacht

With its quality, impressive steel and aluminum craftsmanship and central location on the Gulf Coast of the United States, Trinity Yachts is currently regarded as one of the most elite custom super yacht builders in the world.

Consistently building top-quality super yachts measuring 100+ feet in length, Trinity specializes in those rare features that discerning yacht owners only dream of – like a shark pool or a full basketball court – which actually exist on two yachts in circulation today.

While most yachts are built on a semi-production basis, Trinity Yachts has its own 300K square-foot manufacturing facility, all under roof, where they are capable of designing, engineering, constructing and delivering true custom yachts, up to 400 feet in length, all year long. Currently owned and operated by John Dane, former CEO of Halter Marine Inc., Felix Sabates and Billy Smith – who have a combined decades of experience with some of the top luxury yacht brands in the world – Trinity has one goal, and one goal only: to design, engineer and build a new series of motor yachts well-appointed to lead all others into the next millennium.

And with its incredible skill, Trinity yachts are known for their beautiful exterior styling, spacious interiors, efficient sound reduction systems, advanced speed, powerful performance capabilities and quality craftsmanship. First debuted in 1997, Trinity’s most desired collection, Legend Series Motoryachts, set new standards of excellence for the motor yacht trade, and continues to impress yachting aficionados with their style, speed, grace and luxury design.

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