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As the leading designer and builder of luxury yachts and catamarans, Sunreef Yachts specializes in customized yachts with unparalleled comfort, style and safety. Its expansive fleet of impressive catamarans have become known for their high-performance sailing, extravagant accommodation, expansive living spaces and innovative design features.

Operating out of its shipyard in Europe, Sunreef Yachts is a family-run business that caters to a long list of loyal clientele in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the Baltic Sea and other popular yachting destinations around the world. Its state-of-the-art facilities enable all aspects of shipbuilding and manufacturing to be carried out in-house: from chartering and yacht management, to crew placement, technical support, assembly and more.

The creative spark and driving force of the Sunreef Yachts shipyard is Founder and CEO, Francis Lapp. Born in France in 1958, Lapp got his start in management for the electric power and construction industries. He founded his own company in Poland in the 1990s, manufacturing electrical equipment for some of the biggest global brands, and expanding to design and installation of electrical, sanitary and air conditioning systems for large industrial facilities. It was in Poland that Lapp’s interest in sailing was born when he discovered the world of small racing catamarans. The purchase of a larger cruising catamaran and similar yachts led him to starting a travel agency that specialized in charters on the Indian Ocean. Client demand for larger and more comfortable catamarans inspired him to start building custom luxury multihulls, and Sunreef Yachts was born.

Lapp opened the Sunreef shipyard in Gdansk, a city with a long history in naval construction and a highly skilled workforce. The launch of the world’s first 74’ luxury catamaran with a flybridge in 2003 ushered in a new age of yachting and increased interest in multihull vessels. Their direct access to the waterways of Gdansk’s port and the Baltic Sea allow them to create premium vessels in a cost-effective manner. Their facilities include an impressive 300 ton floating crane, which can lift yachts up to 210’. All of their workshops are located under one roof, and the yard provides comprehensive mechanical, electrical and electronic service. There is also a dry and warm storage space for storing materials while the yacht is under construction.

Sunreef continues to build the finest quality composite catamarans, using the latest technologies available. Avid yachters recognize Sunreef catamarans for their stability, comfort and custom finishes. They’re also known for their exceptional layout, featuring spacious main and upper decks with expansive salons and dining areas. With everything they have to offer, Sunreef catamarans are the perfect charter option for any luxury escape at sea.

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