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Started by award-winning boat building duo Alexander Simonis and Maarten Voogd, Simonis Voogd is an international naval and yacht architecture and design studio with more than 26 years’ experience building more than 200 extravagant, high-powered yachts and catamarans. Started in the Netherlands, the company later expanded to Cape Town, South Africa.

Simonis Voogd Design has asserted its position in the international yacht design scene by consistently producing award-winning designs in the cruising field, and racing winning designs under both IMS and IRC for more than 2 decades.

Most of their early designs were built in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and South Africa; however, in 1999, Simonis Voogd Design started to focus more on European markets where about 60 percent of its commissions come from.

The design office originally came from Simonis and Voogd’s mutual passion for speed, and the team has taken some of the world’s top racing honors including the Sydney Hobart, the Cape to Rio Race, and the Yeoman Cup. Nothing but the best is acceptable when designing racing yachts, and that commitment to perfection is evident in each Simonis vessel. The care put into each design, regardless of size, best shows what this company stands for.

More than anything else, Simonis Voogd has become regarded for its innovative use of technology. Since the early 1990’s, the brand has been at the forefront of Computer Aided Design, developing full-scale virtual designs of each boat, prior to manufacturing, that guide the entire ensuing construction process. Backed by a state-of-the-art shipyard, Simonis Voogd can build everything from 12-foot boats to 130-foot megayachts right from their very own facilities. Setting new standards of yacht construction and management, Simonis Voogd also specializes in project management, surveying and consulting – and its many racing yachts have won some of the most prestigious titles in top races from around the world.

Each project is handled with extreme care and attention to detail from start to finish. A Simonis vessel begins with the initial design brief outlining the client’s wish list of features and requirements. From there, a customized draft is created, outlining the scope of work and concept drawings. The work doesn’t end with the completion of the project, as future maintenance, repairs and refurbishments are taken into account once the vessel starts sailing.

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