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Originally built by Jeantot Marine – a catamaran manufacturer founded in 1985 by Philippe Jeantot – the Privilege brand gained a reputation for the precision, design and construction of its elite collection of yachts. Today, the brand is owned and operated by Alliaura Marine. It has launched over 60 yachts more than 60-feet in length, all of which are some of the most sophisticated and luxurious catamarans on the market.

Philippe Jeantot was a two-time world champion in single-handed sailing, and founder of the famous Vendee Globe round-the-world race. He designed the original cruising catamaran for his family, with comfort, strength and security of the utmost importance.

In 1985, he founded Jeantot Marine and introduced his first vessel in Paris. It started as a passion project and not as the start of his life in marine construction, but after receiving orders for his catamarans, he decided this would be his next adventure. He brought his global navigation experience to the Privilege brand, creating vessels with functional, innovative design, and maximum comfort.

In 1989, the Privilege shipyard was the leading builder of cruising catamarans, dominating the American market, and becoming the benchmark by which all competitors were measured. Privilege was the recipient of the Le Trophée International de la Qualité in 1992, and selected as
‘Boat of the Year’ in the USA in 1995 and 1996. In 1996, under Alliaura, the brand grew and asserted its position at the top of its class in large catamarans.

From its state-of-the-art construction facility in Lorient, France, Privilege yachts and catamarans are designed by Marc Lombard, an accomplished and renowned naval architect known for taking risks with innovation. A team of more than 20 experts oversees each aspect, including research and development, layout, materials, construction quality control, and delivery. As a result, each vessel produced comes with a range of design benefits – including, but not limited to: high-tech construction, easy control systems, durability, interesting interior layouts and luxury finishes. On top of that, every catamaran can be customized to the desires and needs of its eventual owner; from adding extra furniture, to widening the main deck, adding watersports toys or engineering additional sound systems. And in line with its high-end reputation, each catamaran comes with real wood interiors and all furnishings are made using only the finest luxury materials.

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