Lazzara Yachts has a reputation for producing high-performance, Euro-inspired motor yachts

Since launching its yacht building program in 1990, Lazzara Yachts has developed a reputation for producing high-performance, Euro-inspired motor yachts. Today, the Tampa, Florida-based manufacturer offers a full range of sleek, contemporary yachts in the 75- to 115-foot range.

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A signature feature: Lazzara’s motor yachts are built for performance and their design has been influenced by the sporty Italian yachts that become popular in the 1990s. With sporty exteriors and high-performance motors, these vessels are designed to deliver comfort cruising on the open sea.

Throughout its history, Lazzara Yachts has launched a number of successful motor yachts, including the Lazzara 76, Lazzara 106 and the Lazzara 110. In recent years, Lazzara rebranded into Lazzara Custom Yachts, to focus on the custom yacht building niche.

History of Lazzara Yachts

The Lazzara brand has long ties to the ship building industry. Originally, Vince Lazzara founded Columbia Yachts in the 1960s. The Southern California-based company pioneered fiberglass sailboat construction, and quickly become one of the most popular sailboat manufacturers on the West Coast.

In the 1970s, Lazzara and his sons went on to found Gulfstar Yachts, with a focus on fiberglass sailboats and motor yachts. Gulfstar had a highly successful run, developing a complete range of production yachts, before ultimately merging with Viking Yachts in the early 1990s.

The latest iteration of Lazzara was founded in 1990. Sons Brad and Dick Lazzara founded Lazzara Yachts to focus on producing completely custom fiberglass motor yachts. One of the first Lazzara Yachts to hit the market was the Lazzara 76, an athletic, 76-foot motor yacht – which quickly become a favorite choice of yacht buyers. Throughout the years, Lazzara has continued to developed premium motor yachts, with complete customization options. The result: No two yachts Lazzara Custom Yachts produces are the same.

Popular Lazzara Models

Over the last three decades, Lazzara Custom Yachts has launched a number of notable models, including the Lazzara 76, Lazzara 68 and Lazzara 106. Today, these remain some of the company’s most widely available yachts for charter.

  • Lazzara 68 – Launched in the mid-2000s, the Lazzara 68 features an athletic profile, topped with a flying bridge. (Charter yacht DIVINE DESTINY is a custom Lazzara 68, which was recently refit.) The Lazzara 68’s interiors also feature a spacious salon, with accommodations for up to 6 guests.
  • Lazzara 76 – When it was initially launched in 1992, the Lazzara 76 was notable for being one of the first American-built yachts to incorporate Italian motor yacht styling. The exterior, with its open bridge, and sleek lines boasts tons of Euro inspiration, and its interiors were designed with an open, spacious plan. Charter yacht CALLIOPE is a 2011 version of the Lazzara 76.
  • Lazzara 106 – Another 2007 launch, the Lazzara 106 is the epitome of the company’s Italian-inspired design heritage. The 106 boats flowing exterior lines, with a flybridge topping the pilothouse. Inside, the 106 features an open, spacious plan, perfect for entertaining guests and sleeps up to 8. Charter yacht GALE WINDS is customized Lazzara 106, a favorite for Bahamas and Florida charters.

Key Features of Lazzara Yachts

What makes a Lazzara Custom Yacht special? The Tampa-based manufacturer has a number of design signatures, which have long been used across its entire range. A few key features include:

  • Euro-Inspired Designs – Lazzara Custom Yachts have signature athletic profiles. All of their yachts – from the 68 up to the 110 – feature flowing lines (a long common feature in the Italian yacht building industry), and most feature open flybridges.
  • High Performance – True to their sporty statures, Lazzara yachts are designed for high-speed cruising. Most offer top speeds up to 30 knots, while cruise at about 20 knots.
  • Comfortable, Open Interiors – Although Lazzara interiors are custom and built to owner specifications, their layouts are designed for comfortable entertaining. With spacious salons, ample deck space and large staterooms, these yachts deliver a refined yachting experience.

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