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First founded in 1984 as a subsidiary of Jeanneau Technologies Avancées (JTA), Lagoon is now part of CNB, a division of the Beneteau Group, becoming a world leader in cruising catamaran construction. With its winning reputation comes the qualities that put Lagoon’s sailing catamarans on the map: good design, precise construction and impeccable performance.

Lagoon currently manufactures an impressive range of boats, all of which support comfortable, long-distance cruising, safety and luxury living at sea. The interior of every catamaran is fitted with top-quality furniture designed by Lagoon’s very own team of engineers. As a result of its rapid rise to the public spotlight and decades of experience in the industry, Lagoon has built some of the most popular luxury catamarans in history.

A production site dedicated to the construction of Lagoon catamarans ranging from 38’ to 45’ is located in Belleville sur Vie, in the Vendée region of France. The state-of-the-art facility features computer-controlled equipment, infusion-moulding facilities, advanced mechanical, electrical and plumbing installation processes, and a pool for testing the boats systems.

The CNB site in Bordeaux is the location of production for Lagoon’s custom catamarans that are 50’ or more in length. This site also has one of the most cutting-edge cabinet making shops in the industry, with facilities for digitally controlled cutting and finishing.

Innovation is always front of mind for CNB and Lagoon, especially in its range of cruising catamarans designed by Marc Van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot Prévost of VPLP, the world’s most successful naval architects. Each new Lagoon model features the latest innovations to offer only the best cruising experience to its clients.

To create the structure of a Lagoon catamaran, an infusion-moulding technique is utilized to optimize the proportion of resin in the fibreglass and improve the bonding properties of the composite, improving its quality and reliability.

All furniture and interior fittings are designed by engineers working in Lagoon’s design office. Advanced CAD software enables a team of skilled craftsmen to design, test and assess new design features in real time.

Every catamaran is tested meticulously by the architects. Lagoon hulls are designed to be just as efficient when the boat is fully laden with water and diesel, food, sailing gear and the personal belongings of the crew as it is when unloaded. Safety is of utmost importance, and if a Lagoon catamaran sustains damage, the keels are isolated from the hall and it will remain buoyant.

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