Jeanneau Sailing Yachts

Set on your sailing charter onboard one of our beautiful Jeanneau yachts

Jeanneau yacht FidelityBased in Les Herbiers, France, Jeanneau has been manufacturing high-quality yachts since 1957. Founded by Henri Jeanneau, this leader in ship design combines 50 years of practical boat building with the latest innovation in construction to create its impressive fleet of sail and powerboats.

Jeanneau owns the largest production site for cruising boats in Europe, stretching over close to 100 acres, with more than 100 engineers and technicians working in the design offices. Only top-of-the-line materials and parts are sourced from fine suppliers who share Jeanneau’s commitment to quality and exceptionally high standards.

Inspired by the trendy customers who will eventually own them, the design of every ship bears certain hallmark standards of innovation, value, unmatchable quality and timeless beauty. One such hallmark is each ship’s interior woodwork; the result of fine-quality hardwoods, electronic varnishing machines, and throngs of hardworking artisans and skilled craftsmen.

Quality, innovation and elegance are the keystones of Jeanneau, and have been integral to the company since its inception. No other builder provides the same level of cutting-edge design, superior finishes, superior performance and customer satisfaction in a competitively priced vessel. At the heart of the shipyard’s success is their team of skilled craftsmen and professionals essential to constructing yachts of this caliber. The elegant boats with pure, modern lines are designed by internationally renowned naval architects.

A specialized Research and Design facility at Jeanneau houses 130 engineering specialists, providing resources that are typically only available to large aeronautical and automobile companies. Among its innovations is joystick technology and customized hulls that are compatible with these control systems With just the touch of a finger, the boat can be pointed in any direction — forward, aft, laterally or diagonally — making docking a breeze. Today, Jeanneau continues to advance these technologies in order to ease handling and simplify docking. In the future, outboard Jeanneau models will also benefit from the advantages of joystick steering capabilities. This is a large component of one of Jeanneau’s finest innovations: 360° docking, a system that makes docking simple for skippers of large sailboats. The engine is coupled with a pivoting sail drive capable of rotating 360°, which also controls the bowthruster while holding the rudder steady. Controlled by a joystick, the boat can be directed with just the touch of a finger.

Jeanneau has developed an injection moulding procedure using enclosed moulds, which results in a perfect finish on both sides of each piece regardless of size. This produces a superior quality product, while also reducing overall weight and reducing greenhouse gasses. Another innovation is an infusion technique for the hulls of larger models, creating an overall weight reduction plus superior strength and resistance.