For more than 50 years, North Carolina-based Hatteras has been a leader in fiberglass yacht construction

For more than 50 years, North Carolina-based Hatteras has been a leader in fiberglass yacht construction. Today, the shipyard is best known for its 40- to 115-foot yachts with completely custom interiors.

Yacht Island Cowboy

Hatteras has a long history of nautical innovation. Fun fact: Hatteras was the first shipyard to deliver a 40+ foot fiberglass yacht (the Knit Wits). That was decades ago, but the shipyard continues to wow with its line-up of semi-custom and production yachts and sports cruisers.

Hatteras: A Leader in US-Made Superyachts

Hatteras is best known for its convertible and sport-fishing yachts. Originally, that was the shipyard’s prime focus – building high-speed sports cruisers and flybridge yachts.

Today, sports cruisers and convertibles continue to make up a lot of what the company does, and they continue to push the envelope in terms of performance. The Hatteras GT Series, for example, features yachts in the 54- to 75-foot range – was built exclusively to serve the sportfishing market.

Throughout its history, Hatteras has been at the forefront of nautical innovation. The shipyard was one of the first to experiment with multi-blade propellers – which deliver greater top speeds and smoother rides. Today, this innovation is standard for the industry. Hatteras has also continually experimented with hull design for improved seafaring and ride smoothness – introducing modified-V hull and convex hulls.

Popular Hatteras Yachts Available for Charter

In terms of its larger motor yachts – 75+ feet or greater – Hatteras produces raised pilothouse and tri-deck vessels. That includes the recently introduced Hatteras 100 – a 102-foot raised pilothouse yacht, as well as the 116-foot tri-deck and 75- and 80-foot motor yachts.

  • Lady Carmen – This 102-foot Hatteras 100, built in 2016, accommodates up to 10 guests and offers an abundance of deck space for entertaining. With high-end finishes and a classically styled main salon, LADY CARMEN provides the ultimate in comfort and style.
  • Good Times – An earlier and slightly larger version of the Hatteras 100, GOOD TIMES is a 114-foot raised pilothouse motor yacht built in 1996. Following a 2014 refit, GOOD TIMES has a sleek contemporary aesthetic with accommodations for 8 guests.
  • Easy Rider– Originally launched in 1997, with a complete refit in 2014 by award-winning design studio Palmer Johnson, EASY RIDER is a 116-foot trideck motor yacht. She is one of the largest ever produced by Hatteras and she provides plenty of space for entertaining, relaxing or soaking up the sun.
  • Island Cowboy – This 80-foot yacht, built in 2011, provides an exhilarating ride, with top speeds of 24 knots. Thanks to her innovative stabilization system, the ride is as smooth as butter. Her interiors include an open salon, as well as spacious staterooms. She’s the perfect yacht for entertaining on a Bahamian charter.

Hatteras Yachts: Key Features

Hatteras is known for a lot of things like hull durability. In fact, Hatteras says they build “bulletproof” hulls, and offer some of the longest guarantees in the industry.
For charter guests, a few features will stand out:

  • Smooth Rides – Hatteras’s innovative fiberglass hull designs, as well as advanced stabilization systems and multi-blade propellers deliver a soft ride. There’s a reason they call it the “Hatteras ride.”
  • Performance – Hatteras yachts are typically some of the fastest in their classes. The company’s 75- and 80-foot yachts, for example, reach up to 24 knots, and even their larger yachts like GOOD TIMES top out at 22 knots.
  • Premium Interiors – Hatteras consults with owners when designing interiors, and all yachts they produce are semi-custom. Yet Hatteras’ in-house design team is known for continually pushing the envelope and delivering high-end, chic and well-appointed interiors.

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