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Fountaine Pajot has become synonymous with powerful catamarans that reflect innovative design, superior handling, exceptional seaworthiness and cruising comfort.

Established in 1976 in the small French town of Aigrefeuille-d’Aunis, Jean François Fountaine, Yves Pajot, Daniel Givon and Rémi Tristan channeled their passion for sailing and racing into the dream of creating their own shipyard. The men had recognized the opportunities that were available in the marine industry at the time and wanted to make an impression on the scene.

40 years later, Fountaine Pajot is one of the most respected shipyards in the world, setting the bar for cruising catamarans and winning numerous industry awards. This has been achieved through their commitment to the founders’ original vision combined with a dedication to innovation, development and unparalleled service.

Since manufacturing its first public transport catamaran in 1983, Fountaine Pajot now builds between 150 and 180 catamarans each year. Their Research and Development division works tirelessly in the pursuit of advancements in boat construction, asserting its place as a world leader in luxury catamaran construction.

Boasting a team of 250 employees, Fountaine Pajot does more than build luxurious sailing vessels for yachting aficionados across the globe – it also maintains a reputation as the largest source of jobs in its small town and surrounding areas. Teams are comprised of the industry’s most highly specialized experts in the yacht industry, and this commitment to excellence ensures that each model offers superior quality, timeless design, optimal safety and the latest technological innovation.

Fountaine Pajot’s design office is divided into two specialist research teams. The first, located at the Aigrefeuille production centre, oversees the design and manufacture of Fountaine Pajot’s mid-size range of vessels. The second team, located at the production centre in La Rochelle, exclusively manages the prestigious Flagship range of catamarans over 50’.

Advanced industrial processes and exquisite craftsmanship combine to create a superior quality of manufacturing for every Fountaine Pajot catamaran. Specialized internal divisions focus on each integral component of the catamarans, including composites, assembly, cabinetwork, equipment, electrical, plumbing, motors, and launching. They also collaborate with industry-leading experts and subcontractors for the finest in upholstery, deck hardware, stainless steel parts, sails, engines and on-board electronics.

A world leader in the use of resin transfer injection and infusion techniques, Fountaine Pajot ensures that every component of their sailing and power vessels is made from composite materials and cutting-edge technologies that deliver strong, safe and environmentally friendly catamarans.

Their technologies are fully compliant with the industry’s rigorous environmental regulations and standards, and are another example of Fountaine Pajot’s commitment to eco-friendly operation. They are also fully committed to to preserving the environment while making cruising easy, efficient and autonomous. Each catamaran is equipped with technology to harness the energies of the sun, wind and water to reduce fuel consumption and toxic emissions.

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