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Christensen’s Custom Yachts Series is popular with celebrities, A-listers and yachting aficionados alike for its effective layout, quick construction time, luxurious design and impeccable style.

First established in the mid-1980s – when shipbuilder Dave Christensen ordered his own custom, fiberglass yacht, only to have other customers clamoring to get one for themselves. Opening what became Christensen Shipyard with the goal of building fleets of mega yachts, the brand has since earned itself a reputation as being amongst the world’s top composite fiberglass construction builders. proven by its renowned custom and semi-custom super yachts.

Now operating from a state-of-the-art production facility in Vancouver, Washington that includes 160,000 square-meters of climate-controlled manufacturing space and a 7-acre marina, Christensen Shipyards has the space and equipment necessary to hold multiple 170-meter super yachts at once, regardless of how far along they are in the building process. This impressive facility allows the brand to adhere to high manufacturing standards and build yachts of unyielding quality.

Aiming to keep all aspects of the yacht-building in-house, Christensen Shipyard includes 9 large manufacturing and assembly bays, an electrical department, a metal shop, wood and paint shops, a cabinet shop and an upholstery department.

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