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Regarded as masters in the art of modern and exclusive Dutch yacht building, Amels boasts the largest shipyard in all of the Netherlands, as well as a reputation for being one of the top super yacht builders in the entire world.

First started in 1918, and becoming a global sensation in the luxury yacht world in 1982, Amels is located in Vlissingen, Holland; and has become known across the globe for the outstanding quality, luxurious interiors and great performance of their super yachts and motor yachts.

Much of the brand’s success can be credited to its outstanding team and facilities. Motivated by the rich, centuries-old tradition of nautical excellence in Vlissingen, Amels’ craftsmen have created more than 30 new luxury yachts and 30 re-launched and refurbished luxury vessels totaling 1,600 meters in length. And with its direct access to the North Sea, Amels’ 100K square-foot shipyard can accommodate private yachts of up to 200 meters. Included in the shipyard is everything a modern shipbuilder could ever need or want: fully climate-controlled covered drydocks, a comprehensive paint department and a top-notch engineering team.

The incredible talent of its team aside, Amels’ most revered accomplishment, today, is their 2007 Limited Editions collection – which contains five motor yachts, ranging from 55-83 meters in length, with exteriors created by award-winning British designer, Tim Heywood. Revolutionizing the semi-custom built marketplace, Limited Editions yachts were designed to reflect the luxury lifestyle of the early 21st century. These Limited Editions yachts offer customers the “best of both worlds” – simple, but luxurious yachts, with fully-customized interiors and exteriors – completed in half the time of a regular yacht. The Limited Editions collection, like all Amels yachts, are a product of impeccable design, client collaboration and top-notch engineering; resulting in powerful, high-end yachts that never fail to impress.

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