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When a group of New Zealand boat builders set out to build a 28-meter aluminum yacht in the late 1970s, not even they would have guessed that – just two years later – it would have led to the launch of an entire yacht-building company, Alloy Yachts.

With a strong 28-year history in the boat-building business, Alloy Yachts has become a super yacht icon, one synonymous with luxury, seaworthiness, engineering excellence and craftsmanship. Inspired by a deep passion for boat building, and always looking for new ways to innovate, Alloy Yachts keeps up with the trends by perfectly combining age-old yacht traditions with modern, cutting-edge designs.

Led by managing director Tony Hambrook, Alloy Yachts has a top-notch team of naval architects, interior designers, skilled artisans, project managers, captains, and of course, satisfied customers from across the globe.

The company has gained an international reputation for its reliable operation and world-class quality, and as a result of its efforts, has achieved award-winning standards that yacht aficionados from around the world have come to respect. Most notable of these achievements has been the creation of the Red Dragon and Mondango yachts, both of which were finalists in the worldwide 2008 Boat International superyacht awards.

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