Tandem Yacht Charters

What You Need to Know About Tandem Yacht Charters

Three yachts in a tandem yacht charter

They say, “the more the merrier!”—and, there are absolutely no limits with tandem yacht charters. A tandem yacht charter gives you the option of traveling as a fleet to multiply the fun next vacation. It’s time to elevate your experience by making your next family vacation, couple’s retreat, or corporate yacht charter an even bigger hit.

There are times when one yacht is simply not enough. We’ve been there.

The good news is, you now have the option to expand your guest list. There’s no need to make sacrifices by excluding anyone this vacation, as you’re only limited by the number of charter yacht you add to your fleet.

That is, you’ll be relieved to know it’s possible to book a tandem yacht charter. In fact, it’s encouraged for larger groups as a tandem yacht charter multiplies your capacity by allowing you to bring twice (or thrice, or more!) the amount of family or friends along.

There are plenty of benefits to booking tandem yacht charters, and we’ll explain more below.

What is a tandem yacht charter?

A tandem yacht charter is a charter that includes two or more yachts that travel as a fleet by sailing together, anchoring together, and sharing experiences, such as group excursions to islands, diving, and more. Tandem yachts often also dine together or share drinks in the evenings if they so choose. That is what makes tandem yacht charters so popular with larger families, couples groups, or for corporate events.

A tandem yacht charter allows you to bring 10+ guests to each yacht. In addition, you can expect each yacht to have a three to five-room cabin layout, so it’s a good idea to plan your room arrangements accordingly.

What are the benefits of a tandem yacht charter?

When you’re sailing in tandem, you’ll be able to bring many more guests along for the ride. One of the main benefits of tandem yacht charters is multiplying the fun among larger groups, whether that means including your extended family, being able to take your friends along, or planning an awe-inspiring corporate retreat with team-building activities.

A lesser-known benefit of tandem yacht charters is having the privacy of your own yacht while extending this same luxury to your guests. You can keep the group together by merging mealtimes so that everyone is able to socialize over dinner, a happy hour, or even a party beneath the stars.

How to book a tandem yacht charter

There’s no need to worry about smoothing out the details, we’re here to make your excursion a positively unforgettable experience. Leave it to the experts to set you up with the perfect itinerary for your tandem yacht charter, excursions in-all.

A yacht charter booking expert can help you figure out how large your yachts should be, and organize a list of excursions to bring multiple parties together. We’re experts in making this the most memorable getaway yet and helping your book your vacation of a lifetime.

If you’ve been eyeing a tandem yacht charter package or any of the beautiful yachts listed on our site, then please reach out to us at Worldwide Boat with any questions you may have and our yacht charter experts will be happy to assist you.