Yachts with Submarines

A submarine of a charter yacht
The ultimate water toy that you’ll want on your next yacht charter is a submarine. No longer just for marine biologists or the military, submarines are becoming more widely available on charter yachts around the world.

A submarine is a great option for charter guests who aren’t experienced divers, but would still like to venture below the surface of the sea. These high-tech, lightweight, and easy to operate submersibles allow you to explore in comfort. Some have luxurious leather interiors and air conditioning, and all offer a panoramic view.

Chartering a yacht with a submarine opens up a whole new world – whether you’re exploring a fjord, a lost underwater city, a coral reef, a shipwreck, or the sea floor.

Submarines can seat anywhere from one person up to seven people, and while some are towed alongside the yacht, others can be tucked away in the tender garage.

Cross off that bucket list item during your next private yacht charter, and channel your inner Jacques Cousteau, Captain Nemo, or Aquaman by selecting a vessel with a submarine.

Yacht Legend
Yacht Legend is the ultimate charter vessel for the adventurous. The yacht was launched in 1974 and completely rebuilt in 2014-2016 by Icon Yachts in Netherlands and is now a popular choice for guests who wish to discover new exciting destinations. The yacht cruises in Antarctica, Patagonia, Mexico, Caribbean, Norway, Greenland and West Mediterranean. The yacht offers a submarine for an extra fee of Eur 85,000 per week.

Yacht Ouranos
Yacht Ouranos is a brand new 2016 Admiral motor yacht based in Athens, Greece and chartering in the East and West Mediterranean. Ouranos included a mini submarine to its water toys selection and the submarine can be available to charter guests with valid scuba diving certification.


Vantage is a fast and sleek Palmer Johnson yacht chartering in Fiji and South Pacific. Vantage is a great choice for active charter guests, offering a vast selection of water toys and also offering MOBY (3 man/ 2 guest) Triton Submarine with 1000 meter capability at an additional fee.

Yacht Ad-Vantage
Ad-Vantage can be chartered alone or as a shadow vessel for 150′ Vantage yacht. MOBY (3 man/2 guest) Triton Submersible 1000 meter depth is available at an additional fee. The yacht charters in Fiji and South Pacific.