World Cup 2026

The 2026 World Cup is right around the corner. Sporting enthusiasts from around the world are booking hotels and travel, and accommodations are filling up quickly. If you’re planning a trip to the World Cup, there’s one luxury accommodation option you should consider:

A superyacht charter in Qatar.

Qatar – the host country for the World Cup – is a yachting mecca in the Middle East. Thanks to its hundreds of miles of sandy coastline, and stunning cosmopolitan cities, the country beckons the yachting elite to its world-class beaches, modern marinas and chic coastal cities.

During the World Cup, a luxury yacht charter offers the best of the best in accommodation; it’s the perfect private, five-star base to enjoy all the sporting action. After catching exciting matches, guests can retire to their own private mega yacht, enjoy the finest food and drink, and amazing service, not to mention they can avoid the crowds at the hotels throughout Qatar.

Planning a trip to the World Cup in Qatar? Here’s everything you need to know about the World Cup, and yacht charters in Qatar.

When and Where is the World Cup 2026?

Quatar World Cup 2022

The 2022 World Cup is a month-long affair, that will run from November 21, 2022 to December 18, 2022. The international tournament is based primarily in Qatar’s cosmopolitan capital city of Doha, although there are sporting venues throughout the country that will host matches.

Doha is one of the Persian Gulf’s most luxurious, known for its beautiful skyline and cultural sights. It’s a decidedly international city, thanks to its many five-star accommodations, Michelin-starred restaurants and opulent museums. Some of the must-see destinations in Doha include:

  • Katara Mosque – This stunningly beautiful mosque is a prime example of Qatar’s architecture and cultural beauty. Known for its dazzling tile work, intricate mosaics and opulent towers, the mosque is a must-see destination in Qatar.
  • National Museum – Another lavish architectural wonder, Qatar’s National Museum is designed to resemble rare desert roses, and it sits right at the edge of the Persian Gulf. Explore the museum’s 11 galleries, and discover the country’s rich history.
  • The Pearl – This man-made island off the coast of Doha is a lavish playground for the jet-set crowd. Known for its manicured gardens, five-star hotels and luxury real estate, the island is an ideal jumping off point for yacht charters in Qatar.

Qatar is also home to newly built sporting complexes, each as beautiful as the last. They include Lusail Stadium, which will host the World Cup Final, as well as Al Rayyan Stadium and Khalifa Stadium. Many of the World Cup venues are located in Doha, or a short distance from the capital city.

Yacht Charters in Qatar: What to Do and When to Go

Qatar skyline at night

Qatar is known for its blistering summers, but the country’s winters – especially November through March – offer a respite. During winter, temperatures hover in the 70s and 80s, and the World Cup will fall right in the middle of Qatar’s winter. Guests to the World Cup will be welcomed by excellent weather, with only the possibility of an occasional rain storm.

In addition to all the great football action, charter guests can also explore many of Qatar’s cultural and natural sights. Some of the top things to do on a Qatari yacht charter include:

  • Amazing Beaches – Qatar has 300+ miles of coastline and as such, there’s plenty of sandy, sunny beaches to explore. Favorites include Banana Island – a resort near Doha, known for its pristine palm-lined beach and water sports facilities – and Katara Beach, which boasts a beautiful view of the skyline and is just a short distance from many cultural sights.
  • Museums and Shopping – In addition to the National Museum, the Museum of Islamic Art is a must-see attraction, as is The Villaggio, one of the Middle East’s finest luxury shopping centers. At the Villaggio, you’ll find outposts for many of the world’s top designers.
  • Fine Dining – Qatar is home to numerous restaurants of the world’s most famous chefs. including Pino Lavarra, the executive chef at Al Messila, which serves Qatari cuisine. Gordon Ramsay and Wolfgang Puck also have restaurants in Qatar. One place to stop: Parisa Souq Waquif, a world-class restaurant specializing in Persian cuisine.
  • Outdoor Activities – ATV dune tours, sea kayaking, hiking and desert safaris – there are numerous opportunities to explore the outdoors in Qatar.

Yacht Charters for the World Cup

A luxury charter yacht offers the ultimate home base for enjoying the World Cup. Not only can guests avoid the crowds at hotels, but they also get the benefit of peace and privacy aboard a superyacht. Want to plan your World Cup yacht charter? Here are some options for charter guests to Qatar:

  • Cocktail or dinner parties – Host an exclusive cocktail or dinner party, with chef-prepared cuisine and five-star service. This is a great way to entertain guests, clients or fellow countrymen.
  • Watch parties – Cheer on your favorite team with friends and family, or host an insider’s party to cheer on the home team.
  • Sailing/Cruising – In between matches, cruise to all of Qatar’s amazing sailing destinations like the Pearl and the northern coast’s remote beaches.

Plan your yacht charter for the 2022 World Cup with Worldwide Boat. We offer a wide range of World Cup packages for our charter clients, and can help you plan a vacation you’ll remember forever. Contact your charter broker today to learn more.