Social Distancing Charters

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With COVID-19 travel restrictions easing, many travelers are looking for fun and safe luxury holiday options. A private yacht charter provides the best in seclusion, cleanliness and social distancing.

While on charter, guests can escape to isolated destinations like Tahiti, the hidden cays and coves of the Exumas in the Bahamas, or the rugged coast of Alaska. Guests can avoid busy ports and crowded cultural destinations, instead enjoying an onboard cooking class, fishing lesson or yoga session.

In addition, charter yachts are already held to exceptionality high standards of cleanliness, security and privacy. This greatly reduces the risks of exposure to guests and crew.

Bottom line, if you’re looking for the best luxury social distancing vacation option, consider a private crewed yacht charter. Whether you travel aboard, or prefer a destination close to home, a yacht charter will allow you to experience beautiful beaches, stunning anchorages and the best destinations in 2020 and beyond, while following the upmost safety protocols.

Why Are Yacht Charters So Safe?

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, yacht charters were one of the safest luxury travel options for guests, thanks to the high standards and natural social distancing. Now, though, many yachts have taken additional safety measures to further protect guests.

Some of the additional safety measures charter yachts are taking due to COVID-19 include:

  1. Safety Onboard – Although yachts have exceptionally high cleaning standards, the majority of charter yachts have increased cleaning and sanitation schedules. This includes cleaning during and prior to your arrival onboard.
  2. Crew Health Checks – Many yachts are conducting daily temperature checks of crew to reduce exposure risks. In the near future, as rapid testing capacity increases, many yachts may begin to regularly test crew members, as well.
  3. Limiting Visitors – Charter yachts have taken additional measures to limit outside exposure. For example, crews are sanitizing provisions and limiting visitors to prevent contamination onboard.
  4. Private Transportation – Enjoy end-to-end travel service to meet your yacht. Private flights and airport transfers can help you avoid airport crowds and busy ports. Your yacht broker can help you plan or recommend private flight and airport transport options.
  5. Itinerary Planning – Itineraries are being restructured to help you avoid crowds. More time is likely to be spent at anchorages and moorings, for example, and you may be enjoying more onboard entertainment options like massage, fishing, watersports and more.

How Are Social Distancing Requirements Affecting Charter Itineraries?

Social distancing has certainly changed how itineraries are planned. For example, less time is being spent shoreside and at crowded tourist destinations.

Instead, charter guests are experiencing the ultimate in seclusion and relaxation onboard. More personalized experiences like cooking and language lessons, massages, and exclusive experiences are being offering on yachts. Here are some of the ways you can enjoy your social distancing yachting vacation:

  1. Explore Natural Destinations – Head off the beaten path, and discover stunning isolated natural destinations. Explore hidden beaches, hike to waterfalls, snorkel at hidden reefs. Nature allows guests to experience destinations without the crowds.
  2. Learn Something New – A charter is the perfect time to learn a new skill. Request a cooking class from the chef, catch sport fish with the deck crew, or learn to sail, scuba dive or windsurf during your vacation. There’s so much you can learn to do without ever leaving the yacht.
  3. Enjoy Supreme Relaxation – Plan a quiet, restful yacht charter. Your itinerary can include onboard yoga sessions, massage or guided meditation. Plus, you can schedule stops at restful nature destinations, to ensure you completely unwind and relax.
  4. Expand Your Palate – Skip the crowded restaurants shoreside, and discover the finest in food and drink on board. Take a chef-led cooking class, or have the chef prepare a special tasting menu. Craft cocktails, wine pairings and local cooking lessons are all options, as well.  

3 Best Destinations for Social Distancing Vacations

Whether you prefer a naturally secluded destination like the Exumas, or you’re interested in destinations close to home, these are some of the best places to travel for a social distancing yacht charter.

In each location, you’ll find private moorings and anchorages, high standards of safety, as well as plenty to do and see on a social distancing charter. Try these five yachting destinations:

  1. United States – For guests located in North America, the U.S. – and in particular, the Northeast, Alaska, and the Mid-Atlantic – offer some of the finest yachting in the world. In Alaska, spot whales, hike glaciers, or explore national parks. New England offers a mix of history, high-society, and art, while the Mid-Atlantic is a must-visit for foodies.
  1. Bahamas – The Bahamas are well-known for their hidden cays, islands and protected anchorages. One option: Explore the stunning Exumas, while you avoid the crowds. The dozens of islands in the Exumas offer unparalleled seclusion, including isolated beaches, reefs and exclusive golf courses to explore.
  2. Croatia – Although many European destinations will be affected this summer, Croatia and other Eastern European chartering hotspots like Greece and Montenegro will likely be open. Croatia, in particular, offers a rugged coastline known for its stunning and private moorings and anchorages, as well as plenty of natural landscapes to explore on hikes, by bike or ATV.

Plan Your Social Distancing Yacht Charter with Worldwide Boat

Have questions about how COVID-19 is disrupting the luxury charters? Contact a broker with Worldwide Boat. Our brokers have all the latest information on travel restrictions, planning, insurance and more.

Plus, for additional information about COVID-19 travel restrictions and yacht charters, see our latest: “Coronavirus & Yacht Charters: Everything You Need to Know”.