Revenge Travel After COVID 19

Thanks to the COVID pandemic, 2020 and 2021 were a bust for travelers. Honeymoons were postponed; beach getaways were cancelled, and yacht charter plans were put on hold.

There’s a big change coming in 2022!  Travelers who were stuck inside over the last two years are taking revenge and hitting the road to make up for lost time and get back to the high seas.

In the yachting world, the Revenge Travel trend means one thing: Demand is sky high for summer yacht charters.

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Making Up for Lost Time

The charter seasons in 2020 and 2021 were stifled in a big way. COVID-19 travel restrictions, mandatory quarantines, and traveler wariness kept charter guests away from the world’s most revered charter destinations. Revenge Travel is the act to getting back to something many of us love: International travel.

A CNBC report recently called it a “new sense of urgency” to travel that many of us are feeling, and consequently, travel industry insiders are expecting a boom in travel through the rest of 2022, with summer and the holidays being particularly busy.

Where the Revenge Charterers Are Going

The world’s top charter destinations – the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Australia – were all hit hard by COVID travel restrictions. Now, many are rearing to go and booking luxury charters all over the world.

Which destinations will see the biggest boom this summer? It’s safe to say almost all the world’s charter grounds will be extremely busy this summer. However, the top destinations in summer 2022 are:

The Bahamas

Many were kept away from the luscious pink sand beaches of The Bahamas over the last two years, and they’re making up for it in a big way. There’s significant interest in luxury charters in the Bahamas, especially in the Exumas. the chain of islands in the central Bahamas, as well as in sun-soaked Nassau.

Although the charter season tends to pick up in the Bahamas later in the year, many can’t help but get back sooner. Summer charters are filling fast, as guests race to get back to the Bahamas to snorkel and dive, enjoy golf at beautiful PGA-caliber courses, and take in sunsets from relaxed beach bars.


The demand for charters in Greece is already soaring, and it’s one of the fastest-booking destinations for 2022. It’s clear that many travelers are ready to escape to the white-washed villages of the Greek Islands, and explore the region’s history, charming cliffside villages, and incredible cuisine.

In 2022, charterers are flocking to the islands the Cyclades Islands, which include Santorini and Mykonos, to rest and relax at the region’s legendary beach clubs and health resorts. This summer boasts plenty for travelers to experience, including luxury yoga retreats, concerts, food festivals and regattas.


2022 is shaping up to be a banner travel year all across Italy, but especially the Amalfi Coast, Italian Riviera, and Sicily. The summer yachting season in Italy offers plenty to do and explore: From cultural festivals like July’s Music and Arts Festival in Amalfi, to outdoor plays in ancient Greek theaters in Sicily, which run all summer (the Ciclo di Spettacoli Classici series).

Italy offers something for every revenge traveler: world-class beaches, excellent food and drink, glorious history, and some of the Mediterranean’s most exciting cruising grounds.


The UNESCO villages and rustic ports of Croatia are on many revenge travelers’ bucket lists in 2022. And charters are already booking up in Croatia and neighboring Montenegro.

Of particular interest are Dubrovnik, an ancient walled city, and Split, a beach-goers paradise. Both will hotspots on charter itineraries this summer. If you’re ready for a once-in-a-lifetime trips, Croatia and neighboring Montenegro make for the perfect one-two punch for a revenge charter.


Many travelers have been longing for summer in the South of France since COVID began. And this summer yachting season is likely to be one of the busiest for the region, as travelers from Europe and the U.S. return to take in the charms and upscale beach clubs of France’s holiday capital.

The region is one of the world’s best summer charter destinations, and it offers something for everyone, from charming Old World ports (like Cannes), to A-list affairs. This summer, tickets to the Cannes Lions Festival, a celebration of creativity, are in high demand, and nearby destinations like Monaco and Corsica will be hotspots.

Tips for Booking Charters in 2022

Chances are, you’re ready to get back to seas this summer, but there are a few tips that will ensure your revenge tour is magical. Be sure to:

Book Early. The summer season across the Mediterranean is booking quickly, and with limited availability for the region’s top charter yachts, it’s important to book as early in advance as possible.

Stay Flexible. Fortunately, many travel restrictions have been lifted across the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, and vaccination requirements are also relaxed. Hopefully, that doesn’t change, but if there’s a sudden COVID uptick, keep an eye on any changing travel requirements.

Enjoy Yourself. The last two years have been challenging for so many. This season is your chance to make up for lost time and take the charter you’ve always dreamed of. You deserve it!

Let us help you plan your revenge charter. Contact your broker with Worldwide Boat today to learn more about unforgettable getaways on luxury yachts around the world.

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