Chartering with Kids

Mother and daughter snorkeling
Luxury yacht charters are perfect for honeymoons and romantic getaways to the most stunning destinations in the world. But yacht charters are also wonderful family-friendly vacations.

In fact, for kids, yacht charters are the ultimate adventure. Kids get to live out their Jack Sparrow fantasies, snorkel, and take in the many kid-friendly stops along the way. In other words, a yacht charter makes memories families will remember for a lifetime.

Planning a yacht charter with the kids?

There are numerous considerations families can make, from choosing a family-friendly destination, to childcare during the vacation. If you’re planning on bringing a charter with kids, here are a few top tips for a great experience for everyone:

1. Plan a Kid-Friendly Itinerary

As you get started planning, think about your itinerary. Younger kids like shoreside adventures, e.g. nature hikes, snorkeling, shelling and fun wildlife parks. Teens, on the other hand, might prefer daytrips like touring historic locales, vista hikes, and kayaking, surfing or scuba diving.

Looking for some help planning your itinerary? Ask your yacht broker. Brokers have their pulse on the latest onboard and shoreside adventures in every destination in the world. We can help you design an itinerary that’s adventure-packed, but also leaves plenty of room for family time.

2. It’s All About the Destination

Kids can have fun in just about any destination in the world. Yet, there are certainly some hotspots that offer more for kids to do. Some favorite kid-friendly yacht destinations include:

  • British Virgin Islands – The British Virgin Islands offer plenty for kids to explore and do, from pirate tours, to beautiful beaches. If you’re kids were fans of Pirates of the Caribbean, they can live out those fantasies in the BVI.
  • Amalfi Coast – Italy is one of the world’s top honeymoon destinations. But it also provides many family-friendly adventures, especially for teens. From touring Medieval castles, to grotto tours, and of course, pizza, kids love Amalfi.
  • Alaska – Alaska’s Inside Passage offers stunning natural landscapes in every fjord and channel. You and the kids can spend your days checking out glaciers, whale watching, fishing, and hiking – it’s perfect for kids who love the outdoors.
  • Maine – Maine and New England seem like grown-up destinations. But for kids, America’s northeast coast is a paradise of adventure: Bike rides, nature hikes in Acadia National Park, island hopping, and tons of incredible museums.
  • Bahamas – The Bahamas might just be the world’s best kid-friendly yacht destination. Here, kids can engage in myriad of water sports including jet skiing, wake-boarding and kayaking. This is also the place where they can safely swim with friendly nurse sharks, feed giant groupers and encounter other sealife.

3. Choosing the Best Boat

When traveling with kids, safety is a No. 1 concern. And in that regard, not all luxury yachts are created equal. Some are perfect for even the littlest of guests – with gates and safety nets throughout – while others might not have what you need.

Be sure to ask your charter broker for advice. We can put together a list of the most kid-friendly yachts available for charter. These might include features like:

  • Safety Nets & Gates – Netting and gates prevent children from falling and childproof areas on the yacht. These safety features are especially important for charters with young children. Most yachts can accommodate childproofing features.
  • Sleeping Accommodation – For kids, especially the little ones, a king bed is just too much for a comfortable night of sleep. Look for yachts that have twin or double bed accommodations, and you might be interested in cribs or bassinets, as well.
  • Entertainment – The most kid-friendly yachts have numerous onboard activities for guests. That should include a wide selection of water toys – slides and innertubes are favorites – as well as entertainment room below deck.

4. Childcare Considerations

Of course, a family yacht charter provides plenty of time for togetherness. But Mom and Dad will likely want to steal away an afternoon or romantic evening on shore. The best yacht crews are happy to accommodate.

If you’d like an afternoon to relax, in most cases, your crew would be happy to plan a kid-friendly afternoon adventure. For younger kiddos, though, you might consider bringing a nanny for the vacation. Some yachts do include nanny cabins and accommodations for small children.

5. Pick a Kid-Friendly Crew

Some yachts care about providing an excellent experience for all guests, no matter their age. In fact, some captains only hire crew that enjoy working with kids.

Great kid-friendly crews engage kids and make them feel special with fun games, themed parties, and nautical-themed lessons. In other words, the crew can make all the difference and help enhance you and your kid’s stay. Be sure you ask your yacht broker for advice. They can help you find a crew that has experience entertaining and engaging kiddos.

6. Ask Kids for Their Input

A great way to prepare and excite your kids about a charter: Let them help plan it. Ask your kids what they’d like to do on their ideal vacation. Find out which things they’d like to try, what they’d like to see and do.

Bringing kids into conversations early is a great way to excite them about the trip. Give them something to look forward to by providing a glimpse of what they can expect to do. Plus, you can also use this time to talk about on-deck safety.

7. Onboard Entertainment

Sometimes, due to weather, or days at sea, your kids will spend a lot of time on the yacht. That’s why it’s important to consider on-board amenities and activities. If you’d like to provide modern luxuries, find a yacht with a great entertainment center – some have surround sound for movie nights, or video game systems. Plus, if you’re kids need WIFI, be sure to find a boat with up-to-date communications systems.

If you’d like to eschew screens at sea, you’ll need to make sure there are things to keep the kiddos entertained. That starts with a kid-friendly crew: They can plan activities and games for the kids. Plus, other features like sky lounges, Jacuzzis and spacious aft decks.

Best Itineraries for Kid-Friendly Charters

Need a little help planning your next charter? We’re happy to offer some ideas and tips for yachting with your kids. In fact, we can cue you into the best activities for the destinations you choose. Here are a few of our favorites:

Ideas for Ages 6-11

  • Wildlife Adventures – Trips abroad afford kids a chance to see new wildlife. Look for destinations with awesome wildlife viewing opportunities. Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park is perfect – a wonderful place to whale watch, check out glaciers and possibly sight bear, elk and caribou onshore. Themed parks, aquariums and aviaries are also wonderful.
  • Kayaking or Paddleboarding – These are perfect for anyone – no matter your age. But for younger kids, kayaking gives a chance to explore inlets and coves safely – not to mention, it’s a great adventure.
  • Shell Collecting – The Caribbean offers plenty of opportunities for beach seashell adventures. Maine and Australia are other perfect places. Make it a game and see who can collect the largest or prettiest.

Ideas for Ages 12-18

  • Scuba Diving – Most kids love to go snorkeling, and that’s a perfect excursion for families. Scuba diving, though, offers tends a challenge. Kids over 13 can receive PADI certification. Some yachts provide certification courses, or you can get certified before you leave. Yet, this can provide many days of adventure for teens, while on charter.
  • Jetskis – Jets skis are great for older kids, as are seabobs and wakeboarding. Check to see what watersports are available onboard, prior to booking your trip.
  • Golf – Does your teen want to work on his or her golf game? You’ll find some of the top courses no matter your charter location. The Bahamas, in particular, is home to some of the world’s most stunning courses.

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