Charter Yachts with Flyboard

flyboard and a yachtNot only can you glide across the sea on your next yacht charter … you can also soar through the air, thanks to one of the hottest water toys available, the flyboard!

Invented by jet skiing champ and French daredevil, Franky Zapata, a flyboard is attached to a personal watercraft, and the propulsion power is fed into a board that propels users over 30 feet into the air, and has nearly 400 pounds of lift. When you strap your feet into the flyboard, you’ll discover a water toy that will let you play with the laws of gravity and feel like a superhero.

In order to use a flyboard, you will need proper instruction and safety gear. Although it appears to require a very high level of skill, it’s actually easy to learn, and most are soaring through the air in under 30 minutes. You control your movements through the air by shifting your feet and knees. To perform more advanced tricks and maneuvers, it will take an extra few hours of training. The one requirement to use a flyboard is a good sense of balance and coordination.

Following your training, the only limit to your fun on a flyboard is your own imagination. It will get your adrenaline pumping and your heart racing. You will laugh and squeal with delight as you glide under water and then soar through the air.

Here are our favorite charter yachts that offer a flyboard among their selection of water toys:

Yacht Maltese Falcon
Maltese Falcon is a 2006 Perini Navis sailing yacht available for charters in the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

Yacht Galaxy
Galaxy is a 2005 Benetti motor yacht available for charters in the East and West Mediterranean.

Yacht Ouranos
Ouranos is a 2016 Admiral motor yacht available for charters in Greece.

Yacht Wildflour
Wildflour is a 2008 Delta Marine motor yacht available for charters in the Bahamas, Caribbean and Alaska.

Yacht Geosand
Ouranos is a 2008 Baglietto motor yacht available for charters in Greece.

Yacht Sweet Escape
Ouranos is a 1993 Christensen motor yacht available for charters in the Bahamas and Caribbean.

Yacht Dragon
Ouranos is a 2010 Guy Couach motor yacht available for charters in Greece.

115′ PARIS A
Yacht Paris A
Ouranos is a 2009 Maiora motor yacht available for charters in Greece.

To select a yacht that has a flyboard for your next charter, contact our Worldwide Boat charter brokers today.

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