Rent a Yacht for a Week

For the adventure of a lifetime, why not rent a yacht for a week to get away and enjoy yourself with those special people in your life. When you rent a yacht, you really can have it all – culture, relaxation, and celebration – all while exploring some of the most beautiful places in the world.

A yacht charter allows you to explore an entire region rather than just one specific resort or town. Since your accommodations travel with you, there is no need to pack up each time you move, and you won’t have to worry about getting your group to their next destination. Best of all, you will have VIP treatment from beginning to end of your charter; you won’t have to compete with hundreds or even thousands of other guests like you would at a resort or on a cruise ship.

Find Your Dream Yacht

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When you rent a yacht, your charter broker will work closely with you to create a custom itinerary based on what you and your group desire. Adults can savor menus that rival those of five-star fine dining establishments, while the kids can enjoy their favorite foods. For fun on the waves, many yachts come with an excellent selection of water toys and sports, allowing you to try your hand at something new. If unique experiences are what you crave, your yacht rental can take you to natural wonders, cosmopolitan hubs filled with arts and culture, or a secluded cove where you can pretend you’re the only people in the world.

Why Should I Rent a Yacht for a Week?

1. Shorter charters charge a premium

It is a common misconception that it’s more economical to charter a yacht for less than a week. In fact, all charters that are shorter than a week charge a premium on their rates. If you are working within a specific budget and your timing is flexible, you should be able to find a full week charter within your price range.

2. A weekly yacht rentals offer enough time to explore new destinations

Spending a full week on a charter vacation gives you an opportunity to enjoy all of the yacht’s amenities while exploring your destination. You’ll be able to see the sights, experience the culture, sample the local cuisine, and really explore everything that each stop on your itinerary has to offer.

Unlike a resort, which is fixed in one location, a charter yacht can move to satisfy your whims – a gourmet beach picnic on a deserted island, fine dining at one of the world’s top-rated restaurants, club-hopping until the sun comes up, or scuba diving to a famed shipwreck. Your charter can take you from complete seclusion in the morning to vibrant, exciting nightlife to end your day.

A week-long charter really allows you to do it all. A Mediterranean destination will take you to museums, galleries, and archaeological sites. A Caribbean adventure will have you shopping from local artisans one day, and at chic designer boutiques the next. For a family yacht charter, you can travel to one of the world’s top aquariums or water parks.

Can I Rent a Yacht for Less Than a Week?

Yes! Although 7 nights aboard a yacht is the ideal amount of time for a charter vacation, many boats will accept shorter charters, and you’ll likely pay a surcharge for any charters under a week. In select destinations, such as the Caribbean, yachts will offer charters starting at a minimum of 3 nights, while Mediterranean charters tend to prefer week-long charters. Just keep in mind that with a shorter charter, you will have to pick and choose your activities and excursions, and will likely have to sacrifice something that you or someone in your party really would like to do.

What Day of the Week Does the Charter Begin?

Your charter can begin and end on any day of the week, as determined at the time of your booking. Charters typically begin and end at noon. Some guests like to fly in early in the morning on the day that their charter starts, while others will fly in a day or two earlier and spend time at a nearby hotel or resort.

Whether you want to rent a yacht for a week and take your family for a vacation of their lives, or whether you want to bring your closest friends for a fun and relaxing week away from it all, a yacht charter is your perfect vacation choice.