Chartering Vs Buying a Boat

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There are few pastimes more extravagant than yachting. From sumptuous gourmet dinners prepared by award-winning chefs to island-hopping between the world’s most exclusive and secluded vacation spots, few things proclaim the luxury lifestyle the way a boat does.

There are many good reasons why lovers of luxury are attracted to yachts. Alongside the comfort and absolute liberty that a private boat offers, there is also a palpable sense of adventure – you never know exactly what to expect when boating, and the experience is always a rewarding one.

The world’s rock stars, billionaires, and celebrities are keen on owning their own boats, but that doesn’t mean that this extravagant lifestyle is out of your reach – in fact, it’s more accessible than ever before.

Why Chartering Instead of Buying a Boat is a Good Idea?

Owning a boat is an expensive outlay even for high net worth individuals. It is estimated that any boat’s yearly operating costs approach 10% of the vessel’s initial value. Add in fuel costs, dockage fees, insurance premiums, maintenance, and crew salaries and you invariably arrive at an enormous total lifetime cost, even for a small boat.

However, high net worth individuals who value the boating experience quickly see that buying a boat only makes sense if they spend several months of the year on it. For the vast majority of boat enthusiasts, chartering a yacht is simply a smarter investment. Below, we’ll cover seven reasons why.

1. You Can Customize Your Boat Experience

Boats are some of the most customizable vehicles in the world. Boat builders are apt to include an extensive selection of luxurious amenities in their top-of-the-line vessels – as the Guardian points out, these can range from tennis courts to helipads and submarines. One famous super boat even has a missile defense system onboard.

However, once built, a boat is very difficult to renovate – if you want to add a particular amenity to an existing boat, you may find that it is simply unfeasible in terms of time and cost. However, chartering a boat that already has the amenities you desire is simple.

2. When Chartering, Your Boat Is Always Cutting Edge

Even the most sophisticated boat will show its age as technology marches onwards. Engines will be made obsolete by newer, more efficient designs, and computerized control systems will gain ever-greater accuracy and power – not to mention aesthetic tastes that change over time.

For instance, the famous Yacht A is almost a decade old. Its once-futuristic design offers a stark contrast with the newer boat designs defining today’s market. When chartering you will have the world’s newest – and most sophisticated – vessels.

3. Captain and Crew Included

Instead of having to hire your own crew and pay their salaries – whether you set foot on your boat or not – a boat charter lets you simply enjoy the use of your preferred boat, captain and crew included. In fact, you can customize your entire experience based off of your crew expectations.

Yacht Douce France crew

Since luxury boat charter companies are able to leverage existing relationships with specialty crew members, you’re able to easily pick and choose additional crew services. For instance, if scuba diving is part of your vacation plan, a charter broker can add a certified diving instructor or dive master to your crew list, giving you immediate access to the skills and knowledge you need to get the most out of the diving experience.

4. Chartering Can Prepare You for Boat Ownership

Maybe you’re enough of a boating enthusiast to truly warrant buying your own boat. However, if you don’t have extensive experience boating on your own, you may not yet know exactly what type of boat best fits your needs, or what amenities you desire most.

An investment as significant as a custom boat needs to be made with great attention to detail. There is no better way to accustom yourself to different aspects of boating than by comparing the experiences that chartered boats offer. When the time comes, you’ll know exactly what your dream boat will look like.

5. Let Your Destination Dictate the Best Chartering Option

There is a boat for every occasion. If you’re a regular boating enthusiast, you know that no one boat can truly offer everything. You’ll never get the high velocity experience of an island-hopping sports boat with a 70-meter mega boat, for example.

boat in the Galapagos

Fortunately, chartering let you choose a vessel that best suits your holiday plans. You can charter a zippy 30-meter sports yachtsto hop between Caribbean islands in the summer and then take your whole family on a private tour of the Galapagos Islands in a spacious luxury boat that autumn.

6. Learn from Boat Experts

Relying on a reputable boat charter broker is one of the best options for people who are new to boats. Instead of going through the trouble of researching different types of boats and creating a customized itinerary, you can have your entire vacation planned for by a group of highly knowledgeable boat experts who know where the best destinations are and when the best time to visit them is.

This also gives you a great opportunity to learn about the technical features of today’s boats. Discover the exciting details from specialists who have years of experience working with them.

7. Chartering for Any Budget

If you’re interested in chartering a private boat for a vacation but aren’t in the six-figure-per-week bracket, you might be surprised to find out that plenty of great options await you. Charter brokers have vessels fit to meet any budget. If you pool resources between three couples or families – an ideal number, thanks to the abundance of boats with a three-stateroom layout – you’ll be surprised just how affordable a charter vacation can be.

Ask a Yacht Charter Broker to Book your Next Vacation Today

Contact a boat charter broker and discover just how rewarding your next vacation, corporate event, or special occasion can be with the help of a state-of-the-art vessel, captain, and crew. Seafaring vessels are plenty, and calendars are often open for week-long and 10-day charters all across the world – find the perfect boat for your destination and begin planning today.

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