Best Destinations for Winter 2017

The open sea is just what you need. Winter is a timely season for an escape to warmer waters, especially with the added luxury of a boat. Whether you prefer island hopping, adventurous excursions, or cultural immersion there are plenty of tropical destinations that await your arrival. Set sail for the untouched natural beauty at top charter destinations in the Caribbean or Central America, and embark on the perfect winter cruise.

St Vincent Grenadines

1. St. Vincent & The Grenadines

Fall in love with slow, island scenes of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This beautiful country is an amazing charter destination with 32 picturesque Caribbean isles and tropical rainforests. St. Vincent is untouched by industrial tourism, void of overcrowded resorts, and remains an oasis for a quiet island retreat or a rewarding hike across flourishing volcanic terrain.

Scenes of St. Vincent and the Grenadines paint the horizon with secluded white-sand beaches and shimmering aquamarine waters. The islands of St. Vincent are full of delightful character, from the locals you’ll meet in farmers markets and charming island bars to the eco-adventures across cays and lush tropical rainforests. Diving and snorkeling in the coral reefs of the Grenadines allows for some of the most entertaining encounters. St. Vincent’s reefs are full of marine life in fishes, octopi, manta rays, and even green sea turtles in Tobago Cays.

Discover the most biodiverse ecosystems where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet.

The vibrant-colored marine life of St. Vincent’s surrounding waters open up fun snorkeling and diving spots along reefs. It’s not uncommon to capture a solitary island sunset with a walk along these beaches. Many who visit St. Vincent also like to trek into the thick of these island rainforests and experience hidden waterfalls or birdwatch exotic beauties, such as the St. Vincent parrot. Hike to the top of La Soufriere to capture the island-scape with a volcanic vista as your vantage point.

What makes St. Vincent and the Grenadines a perfect winter charter destination is the abundance of opportunities to explore unsettled islands and the awe-inspiring biodiversity of the Caribbean at its best. With many popular yacht stops, such as Young Island Cut and Blue Lagoon, St. Vincent makes one of the best charter destinations for winter 2017.

Exumas Bahamas

2. The Bahamas

Beauty is 700 white-sand islands and an open itinerary. The Bahamas is one of the best private charter destinations for those who cannot resist a swim with the local pigs as well as the tantalizing green of some of the most scenic golf courses in the world. These islands create a playground and retreat for boaters to enjoy the comforts of both land and sea.

Atlantis Paradise Island offers visitors a chance to test their luck at the casino, swim with dolphins at the conservation center, and play the most spectacular 18-hole game on a tropical island course. A day of leisure at Paradise Island also would not be complete without reservations at the spa.

For those who prefer the solitude of small island excursions, a charter is ideal for exploring the majestic Exumas islands. Compass Cay provides a unique opportunity to swim with nurse sharks next to the stunning, secluded shores of Crescent Beach. Besides the friendly sharks that call the Exumas home, a private charter gives you access to endless seas for swimming with dolphins and the like.

Plenty of other islands, such as as Abacos, Eleuthera, and Harbour Island add more rich flavor to the unique offerings you’ll find on your private Bahamas charter. That is why the Bahamas make one of the best private charter destinations for winter 2017.

Costa Rica

3. Central America

Lost civilizations and underwater kingdoms distinguish the coasts of Central America. Between thick jungles riddled with Mayan ruins and the second-largest coral reef system in the world, Central America is one of the most exciting private charter destinations for winter 2017. Exploring the countries of Central America by boat can be especially comfortable during the dry season from December to April.

Be bold, and step off the beaten path to explore stunning landscapes across Central American countries – from Guatemala, Honduras, and Belize, to Panama, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. Each stretch of coastline offers a new range of excursions and attractions. With diverse local flora and fauna, you’ll find yourself immersed in exotic natural wonders and cultural delights of civilizations – old and new.

Each Central American country offers a unique local culture, cuisine, and scenery. While Costa Rica is known for ziplines and exciting ATV excursions through rainforests, Belize hosts a world of local marine life and hiking trails reaching Mayan ruins, such as Xunantunich near Guatemala. Just off the coast is the Belize Barrier Reef–among the most biodiverse ecosystems for marine-life-viewing, snorkeling, and diving in the Caribbean. Between the reefs, cultures and delicious foods of each Central American locale, the whole region comes together to create one of the best private charter destinations of winter 2017.

With your own private charter, you not only set the pace but get the chance to see an array of amazing sights all in one itinerary. Island hopping and traversing coastal countries is made simpler with the comforts of your own boat. Explore limits of possibility when traveling to the best private charter destinations this winter. It’s easy to choose your vessel, destination, and excursions with the help of local experts.

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