Best Charter Destinations for 2018

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Planning your next luxury vacation? Chartering a superyacht makes for the ultimate get-away – a charter vacation empowers you explore untouched corners of the globe in supreme comfort. But what paradise should you escape to in 2018?

This year, you might consider an up-and-coming charter destination (like the Grenadine Islands), which offer some of the best snorkeling, scenery, and exclusive beaches in all of the Caribbean. The Bahamas – a perennial top charter destination – continues to earn favor among Caribbean charters.

Where will you be off to in 2018?

These are five of our favorite places to visit on a yacht charter. Each offers something unique – from one-of-a-kind landscapes and untouched beaches, to once-in-a-lifetime cultural experiences. Get away in 2018:

1. Thailand

Asia - Thailand
Thailand is a country that awakens the senses. From street food in bustling Bangkok, to out-of-this-world Buddhist temples, around every corner and in every port of call, there’s something new to see, taste or experience.

Yacht charters in Thailand enable visitors to take in all of this country’s Far East charms. In Bangkok, the largest city in Thailand, numerous five-star spas, exquisite restaurants and vibrant marketplaces dot the landscape. Of course, you’ll be able to explore Thailand’s unique natural beauty as well.

Phucket, the largest island in Thailand, offers the ultimate in yacht charters: Pristine white-sand beaches, world-class shopping, secluded coves, and a vibrant nightlife. Beyond Phucket, charterers typically explore the 100+ untouched islands to the south. (Think sparkling turquoise waters and diamond white beaches.)

Bottom line, by sea, a Thailand yacht charter offers a unique experience, away from the mainland tourist crowds.

2. Whitsunday Islands

Australia Whitsundays
Located off the coast of Queensland in Australia, the Whitsunday Islands offer charterers it all: Supreme isolation, exclusive soft-sand beaches, and the best in wildlife and outdoor adventuring.

The islands lie next to the Great Barrier Reef, making this one of the top snorkeling and diving destinations in the world. Plus, since many of the 74 islands are uninhabited and protected, this is an ideal spot for R&R.

Many charters start on Whitsunday Island – the largest island in the chain – which is also home to Whitehaven Beach. With 4+ miles of ivory beach, as well as some of the most beautiful aquamarine waters, Whitehaven may be the most mythical beach in all of Australia.

The islands are also a top destination for divers. The Heart Reef, a literal heart-shaped reef, is a must-visit snorkel spot, and the Ngaro Sea Trail, a walking and sea passage trail makes for a perfect day adventure.

3. The Grenadines

St Vincent Grenadines
The Grenadines are comprised of 32 islands, tucked away in the Southern Caribbean. And island nation offers some of the best of the best in Caribbean charters: Pristine coastlines, sapphire blue waters, and untouched beaches on every island. Not to mention, there’s plenty to do by land.

Exclusive enclaves like Bequia and Canouan offer charter guests relaxing mainland respites, with five-star spas, outdoor bars, and incredible Caribbean cuisine. Plus, the Grenadines are, hands down, the best Caribbean destination for outdoor adventurers. Snorkeling here is incredible, with numerous reefs and coves to explore. Hiking, sea kayaking, windsurfing, and cliff diving are also popular pastimes in the Grenadines.

If you’re looking for exotic in the Caribbean, you’ll find it in the Grenadines.

4. Croatia

Old Town of Dubrovnik
With its Old World castles, ancient walled cities and UNESCO World Heritage sites, Croatia delivers a Mediterranean charter experience like no other. Here, you’ll find it all: Exclusive wine bars hidden in 14th century bell towers, medieval art and architecture, and some of the best island hopping in all of the Adriatic.

Start your charter in Dubrovnik, called the Pearl of the Adriatic. This 10th century city might just be the most stunning on all of the Dalmatian coast. It’s rich in culture and history, and it’s well-connected to the many islands that dot the country’s coast.

In addition to the great culture, Croatia is also a haven for water sports. Windsurfing is incredible at Brac, white sand beaches for sunbathing are on every island, and out-of-this-world scuba diving spots in places like Zlanti Rat draw tourists and divers every summer. Bottom line, of all the summer charter destinations, Croatia is in a class of its own.

5. Bahamas

Equinox in Exumas
The Bahamas are the quintessential Caribbean destination, a tropical oasis just 50 miles from Florida. And the fact is: Most don’t realize the sheer size of the Bahamas. More than 700 islands, islets and atolls make up this exquisite archipelago, and that means charterers have something new to explore every visit.

Beyond the bustle of Grand Bahama, much of the Bahamas’ Out Islands remain undiscovered, quiet and free from development. Regions like the Exumas, the Berry Islands, and the Acabos, for instance, all offer some of the most exclusive cruising grounds in all of the Caribbean. In the Out Islands, you’ll find those classic, unspoiled Bahamian open air bars and restaurants – a distinctly authentic Caribbean experience.

Plus, there’s something here for everyone in the Bahamas. World-class Caribbean-inspired cuisine, snorkeling and diving, secluded beaches, shopping, and much more. Bottom line, the Bahamas’ ideal location, prime sailing conditions, and endless array of experiences make it one of the best charter destinations in the Caribbean, hands down.

Start Planning Your 2018 Dream Vacation Today

Wherever you decide to travel in 2018, chartering a superyacht lets you do it in style and luxurious comfort. From the classic Caribbean in the Bahamas, to the untouched coastlines of the Whitsunday Islands, these five charter destinations will leave you in awe – a vacation you’ll never forget.

Does one of these destinations spark your curiosities? Contact a broker at Worldwide Boat today to learn more about your charter options in the Bahamas, Croatia, the Grenadines, Whitsunday Islands and Thailand.

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