10 Best Occasions for Chartering a Yacht

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Chartering a yacht is becoming a popular vacation choice for many people. While any time is a good time to set sail, here are the 10 best occasions for chartering a yacht:

1. Chartering for Honeymoons

Start your new life with your loved one by escaping on a romantic private yacht charter for your honeymoon. You will have the VIP treatment for your entire trip, and won’t have to compete for the attention of resort staff with hundreds of other guests to attend to. You also won’t have to pack up and unpack each time you move to a new location. Your crew will cater to your every need and create an experience that is customized to you and your spouse.

2. Chartering for Wedding Anniversaries

Spend quality time with your partner by celebrating your wedding anniversary on a yacht that will provide you with a luxurious, private escape where you can relax and unwind without the distractions of the outside world. The best part about an anniversary yacht charter is that you don’t have to settle on just one location. You have the flexibility to visit several destinations, making the most of your time away.

3. Chartering for Birthdays

Birthdays are a great reason for chartering a yacht, especially celebrating a milestone age. You can book an intimate escape with your close friends and loved ones, or a larger party. A charter can also be created for any experience you long for – from pure rest and relaxation to dancing until the sun comes up. Enjoy leisurely gourmet meals and cocktails and spend your days indulging in a variety of watersports, or travel with friends to some of the hottest party places on the planet.

Birthday celebrations can quickly become monotonous, but a yacht charter is a way to really make a splash, literally and figuratively. It’s a great time to cross some items off your bucket list, like shipwreck diving, parasailing, deep sea fishing, or visiting one of the wonders of the world.

4. Chartering for Retirement Celebration

Start your retirement and reward yourself with the ultimate escape. Say goodbye to meetings and schedules, and hit the high seas for an adventure. Unwind with those who matter the most to you and recharge your batteries. See the world without worrying about what awaits you at the office when you return.

With more leisure time on your hands, you can embark on a longer charter and see all the sites you’ve dreamed of. Depending on the size of the yacht that you charter, you may even be able to host a retirement reception on board before setting sail.

5. Corporate Events and Team Building

Corporate charters provide businesses with a memorable venue with top-tier services and amenities. Impress your clients by hosting formal business meetings, receptions, networking events, and even galas aboard a yacht. It’s a prime venue for launching a new product, making it stand out from your competitors. Some yachts cater specifically to corporate charters and boast conference rooms and meeting spaces with wifi and state-of-the-art multimedia equipment for presentations.

Team building exercises on a yacht allow you to escape the distractions of the office and focus on the relationships with your coworkers. In addition to conference and meeting spaces, you can take advantage of more informal settings like al fresco dining or cocktail areas. Superyachts can host large groups for day charters and evening entertaining, then accommodate your team in luxury without having to book a hotel. For a large company charter spanning a longer time frame, you can book a fleet of yachts and cruise in tandem.

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6. Getaways with Friends

Sometimes grown-ups need a break and get away with other couples. Unlike a charter with children, you can visit almost any destination. Explore ruins and historic sites. Indulge in a meal at one of the world’s best restaurants or tour a winery. Wander leisurely through galleries, museums, and cobblestone streets. Embark on an adventure with some diving, hiking, or other adrenaline-packed activities.

While under way, plan some fun activities like a happy hour with cocktails and snacks, a barbecue featuring sumptuous foods, or a movie night under the stars with a glass of wine. It’s also a great opportunity to restore the body and mind without interruptions. Your only focus will be enjoying yourself, as your charter crew will tend to your every need. After a week away, return home restored and refreshed.

7. Chartering for Festivals and Special Events

A yacht charter is your ticket to the most sought-after events in the world. Experience the finest festivals and events from the comfort of your own private floating resort. By booking a yacht, you’ll be guaranteed luxurious accommodations, 5-star cuisine, a dedicated crew, and a range of facilities and amenities. Plus, you’ll make quite the entrance when you arrive at the event on your yacht.

Once at your destination, your yacht will be moored at the local dock or marina for the duration of the event. This allows you to use the vessel as your hospitality suite, office, meeting space, or event venue, and you’ll have a front row seat to the action. Yachts are also a secure way to entertain your clients away from the crowds.

Some of the prestigious events that you should consider a yacht charter for include the Monaco Grand Prix, the Cannes Film Festival, Art Basel in Miami, the St. Bart’s Music Festival, the Venice Film Festival, the Australian Open, and Carnival in Rio.

8. Chartering for New Year’s Eve

There is a New Year’s Eve charter for everyone, whether you want to celebrate in a large harbor or a small inlet. Sail into a popular port without worrying about hotel reservations and party tickets that may have been sold out for months. Depending on the size of your charter, you can host a party on board with either a seated dinner or cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and dancing under the stars. If you prefer, you can have an intimate evening with the special people in your life.

Avoid the crowds on shore and sip on champagne while watching fireworks from the comfort of your deck. You could also ring in the new year at one of the world’s best marinas, celebrating with friends old and new.

Undeniably, one of the best parts of booking a yacht charter for New Year’s Eve is waking up to some of the most spectacular views in the world.

9. Chartering for Holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving)

Yacht charters were made for family holidays. Make the most of your time together without worrying about every little detail. You’ll have the luxury of visiting multiple destinations without having to pack up the entire family each time you move on. You can visit a larger town and explore its museums, aquariums, water parks and other attractions, then head to a quaint beach for a family barbecue.

Your crew will organize treasure hunts, movie nights, and other fun activities for the kids. Many yachts have dedicated play areas for kids, and safety provisions such as baby gates and nets.

The selection of watersports and toys available will keep the entire family busy. Go snorkeling and explore the underwater wonderland of colorful fish and coral reefs. Splash around all afternoon with the inflatable toys, some of which include waterslides that allow you to plunge into the sea from an upper deck of the yacht.


10. Chartering for Regattas

Regattas are some of the most exciting events that dot the yachting calendar, and you can be a part of the action as a spectator or as a competitor. Head to new locations around the world in luxury where adventure awaits around every turn. Whether you’re an experienced racer or someone who just wants to be a part of it all, the large selection of vessels available in these locales ensures that there is a yacht and a crew ideally suited for you.

A strong community has grown around regattas with social events for the entire family at sailing and yacht clubs. You and your group will meet like-minded individuals who are passionate about the sea. For a fun and carefree experience, head to one of the fun Bucket Regattas in Nantucket, Newport, or St. Bart’s. To immerse yourself in elite sailing events, check out the Superyacht Cup in Palma de Mallorca, the Millennium Cup in Auckland, New Zealand, the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta, or the Voiles de St Tropez Regatta.

If you haven’t experienced a yacht charter, a special occasion or event is a great introduction to the world of yachting. No matter your goals, group size, occasion or specific needs, our charter specialists will help you select a vessel and plan a trip that will exceed your expectations.

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