Crewed Yacht Charters

Get pampered onboard your private crewed yacht charter

Arioso crewNothing compares to a vacation onboard your very own private crewed yacht. It is nothing at all like going on a cruise ship. You do not need to share your itinerary, activities, and meals with 1,500 other people. Instead, you receive personal attention and an individualized itinerary.

You choose which beaches you visit, which sights you see, which activities you do, and you plan the timeline as well. A private crewed yacht charter is designed specifically with your tastes and preferences in mind.

About Crewed Yacht Charters


A private crewed yacht charter will allow you to explore the many personalities of the different islands and coastal towns. You won’t have to worry about catching crowded water taxis to cross the sea to nearby islands. You won’t be required to pack and unpack as you move to a new hotel on a different island. And you won’t be at the mercy of a cruise ship’s schedule along with hundreds of other passengers.

Personalized Itinerary

A yacht charter allows you to plan your vacation to suit your needs and desires. There is no set itinerary, allowing you to choose which islands you visit and in which order. Plan a personalized itinerary to tour a natural park forest one day and go waterskiing in the warm blue waters the next. You choose what you want to do while on your yacht – even if it is to simply lounge on deck with a tropical drink in your hand. Each day is tailored to your wishes and activities are planned and arranged just for you and your guests.

Customized Menus

Additionally, on a private yacht, your personal chef will create your dining menu to suit your specifications. You will enjoy freshly-prepared gourmet meals on a daily basis, each designed to take into account your party’s allergies, preferences, and tolerances for particular ingredients.

Water Sports

Many yachts come with high-end water sports equipment, and when you reserve a private charter, you have access to all of it. With the sea at your fingertips, snorkel through the reefs, whip your jet ski or anchor your boat for a diving experience more beautiful than you could have ever imagined. With most yachts containing everything from jet-skis and kayaks, to fishing equipment and on-deck Jacuzzis, a private charter yacht could turn your next day out at sea into an aquatic adventure.

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