MIPTV Cannes Yacht Charters

Charter a yacht for MIPTV to entertain your clients and cruise the surrounding areas.

Cannes MIPTV Event

MIPTV is an annual conference in Cannes that joins key decision-makers in the TV/film, digital media, and advertising industries to showcase and pitch new programs, negotiate and sign deals, meet new clients and take advantage of an audience of over 4,000 buyers. As “the world’s entertainment content market,” MIPTV has debuted some of the latest innovations for television, internet, mobile, and video-rich platforms. It is the sister event to MIPCOM, which takes place in October every year.

Next MIPTV Event: April 17-19,2023

No matter which sector of the entertainment industry you’re a part of, MIPTV offers an unbeatable opportunity to connect and network with the industry professionals that matter to you and your business. While there, you’ll be able to attend keynote addresses by some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, discover the latest development in digital technology, and view screenings of some of the world’s best new international TV programs.

Taking place in April every year, this event brings together the world’s most successful distributors and buyers. It’s a haven for networking and is where you can spark countless distribution and co-production deals, host high-level conferences, and meet and partner with leading players from the global entertainment industry. And at the core of all its meetings, MIPTV is purely a place to innovate. This annual conference gathers the world’s top producers, disruptors, and paradigm-shifters to launch forward-thinking content that is not only changing what the world watches – but how we all watch it.

There are plenty of reasons to attend the Cannes MIPTV event this year. Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • You’ll have access to 1,600+ international exhibiting companies, top-level conference sessions, screenings, and networking & matchmaking events.
  • You’ll be able to explore and understand new business models, trends, and technologies that can help you and your partners boost your business.
  • Meet and network with potential clients, partners, leading industry executives, and more.

Chartering a Yacht for MIPTV

Whenever you’re in Cannes, the best way to truly experience the city (and your event!) is by having a luxury yacht charter. Equally convenient and impressive, you can anchor your yacht just steps away from the Palais des Festivals, and use it to host meetings, close deals, and wine and dine with prospective clients and business partners. Plus, when the conference is done, you can use your yacht to host a fabulous party – you are in dazzling Cannes, after all.

By chartering a yacht for MIPTV, you can ensure brand visibility, maintain privacy when hosting business meetings or signing contracts, and have a crew there to tend to your every detail while you focus on the real reason you’re there: work.

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