Cannes Film Festival Yacht Charters

Experience the Cannes Film Festival in style onboard a luxury crewed charter yacht

Festival De Cannes red carpet

Founded in 1946, the Cannes Film Festival is the most prestigious celebration of international cinematography in existence, and has launched numerous world-renowned films and acting careers. What once began as a casual social gathering where international filmmakers came together to honor each and every film entry, today, it has become an annual fête for A-listers and celebrities across the globe.

Cannes Film Festival: A History

This film festival one of the oldest and most distinguished in history. When organizers were initially looking for a location for the festival in the early 1930s, many French towns, like Algiers and Biarritz, were suggested. Finally, Cannes was chosen, and the inaugural festival was set to occur on September 1, 1939. That same month, however, France and Britain declared war on Germany – thus launching the 2nd World War. Because of that, the Cannes Film Festival was put on hold until after the war, in 1946. The Cannes festival has since been held annually, each May, at the Palais du Festival, which was built specifically for this festival.

In 1947, the festival presented films from 16 countries in front of a jury made up of one representative per country. Today, many producers still go to the Cannes Film Festival in order to find international distribution for their films. In 2002, the Palais du Festival was expanded to accommodate the vast popularity of this film festival, the largest in the world, and with those renovations, the Festival officially became known as the “Festival de Cannes.”

Next Cannes Film Festival: May 16-27, 2023

In its humble beginnings, the film festival functioned primarily as a social event where the majority of movies won an award, but thanks to the A-list faces on its red carpet, it has become one of the leading social events of the season. Today, no one can just go to the Cannes Film Festival – you have to have a special invitation. It takes place in the Palais des Festivals, the main convention center in Cannes, where several theaters will show entered films almost non-stop for the better part of 13 days.

The Palais des Festivals sits right next to the Old Port of Cannes, and as such, it has become a common practice to charter a superyacht for the event to attract, entertain and possibly even negotiate with clients.

Chartering a Yacht for the Cannes Film Festival

The best way to experience the glamorous and unforgettable Cannes Film Festival is on a yacht. Equally fabulous and practical, chartering a yacht is both an entertainment venue and your accommodations. A yacht will get you as close as you can be to the Palais des Festivals, and with hotels booked up months – or even years – in advance (and at unbelievable prices!), it gives you the best possible way to experience it all. When you’re moored in the Cannes port, you’re a short 2-minute walk along the Croisette from the nearest beach, and a 10-minute walk from the Palais des Festivals. Plus, you’re amongs the world’s finest travelers, from celebrities and A-listers, to politicians, socialites, royalty and more.

Everyone wishing for a glamorous and unforgettable experience during the Cannes Film Festival should consider combining the festival with a yacht charter in Cannes and the French Riviera. Contact Worldwide Boat – we are the specialists in luxury Cannes yacht charters.

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