7 Best Thermal Springs on Turkey’s Coast

If you’re looking for the Mediterranean’s best thermal springs, Turkey is the country you should visit. In Turkey’s Anatolia region – the peninsula that’s boarded by the Black and Mediterranean seas – there are some 1,500 thermal springs, each with its own unique features.

Thanks to the country’s seismic faults, Turkey offers a broad range of thermal spring options. You can choose hot or cold, with temperatures ranging from 68 to 200+ degrees. There are even some icy cold springs that are perfect on those hot Mediterranean summer days.

Although you’ll find plenty high in the mountains – like the famed travertine pools of Pamukkale – if you’re sticking to the coast, you can still relax and refresh in a thermal spring. These are some of the best thermal springs in Turkey that are right on the coast.

  1. Gulbahce llicasi – Urla

Located in the stunning seaside resort of Urla, the Gulbahce bathes are a historic and unique bathing spot. One key difference: This is a small, public pool without facilities nearby. Built from limestone right on the shore, the bathhouse – which are known as the Roman Bath – has been a favorite destination in Urla for centuries.

This is a unique spot for a thermal springs experience. The Roman Bath is housed in an ancient stone building, with a small crystal-clear pool of warm water inside. It’s fairly small, and not well known, so you can often enjoy the water without a crowd. Unlike most other thermal springs in Turkey, where you’ll typically have to visit a spa to enjoy, this is a natural and historic location that’s a perfect day trip.

  1. Bursa Hot Springs

Across the Sea of Marmara from Istanbul, you’ll find the city of Bursa nestled in the foothills of Mount Uludag. Bursa is an important geothermal area, known for the healing power of its local springs. In fact, it’s believed the Bursa springs heal ease rheumatism, urological disorders and digestive problems.

Bursa has long drawn visitors to its thermal springs. For example, a favorite spa in the region is the Kervansaray Termal Hotel, a 700-year-old thermal spa that draws its water from Bursa’s Eski Kaplica spring. Featuring opulent Ottoman architecture, the hotel offers a wide range of spa treatments. This is the best place to go in Bursa.

  1. Balcova Hot Springs, Izmir

The historic Aegean port of Izmir is home to one of Turkey’s most historic hot springs. Originally known as the Agamemnon Thermal Springs, Balcova has drawn visitors since antiquity. In fact, the springs made an appearance in Homer’s epic poems, and Alexander the Great is believed to have soaked in the springs to heal after battles.

Balcova, which is a district within Izmir, is home to several world-class thermal resorts, offering hot springs, mud baths and other wellness treatments. One of the best locations for enjoying the springs: the 5-star Kaya Izmir Thermal Hotel, which overlooks the Aegean Sea.

  1. Cesme Hot Springs

Located on the Aegean coast, west of Izmir, the seaside resort of Cesme is home to numerous spas and mud baths. When in the area, head to Sifne. Just five miles outside the city center, the small village is well known for its mud baths and springs. The Sinfe baths are built right on the beach, and are know to help with skin conditions and poor metabolism.

In Cesme itself, you’ll find a wide array of thermal hotels and spas. One to consider: Ilica Hotel Spa & Thermal Resort offers a variety of thermal treatments, including massage, kesse and sauna.

  1. Black Island Hot Springs, Bodrum

Just 4 miles off the coast of Bodrum, you’ll find Black Island, a large isle that’s long been a tourist destination. The island is home to a cave and hot spring with an interesting history. The Black Island Hot Springs and Cleopatra’s Cave, in fact, were said to be a bathing place for Cleopatra herself, as the healing mineral waters and muds were a favorite skin healer.

Today, the pool and cave sit right next to the jetty. Many Turkish gulets and other charters visit the island for tours. The pool is small, but it has warm water which flows from the small cave. It’s a great spot to spend an afternoon, during a visit to Bodrum.

  1. Cold Spring Bay, Fethiye

This deep-blue bay in Fethiye – which is near the resort destination of Oludeniz, right on the Turquoise Coast – has some of the most breathtaking beaches and views in the region. But a real draw here is Cold Spring Bay. Two cold freshwater springs feed into the bay’s salt waters, resulting in a frigid – yet refreshing – salt-water bath. This is a great place to cool off and refresh on a hot Turkish summer day. Plus, the bay is a favorite for water sports and sailing.

  1. Sultaniye Hot Springs, Dalyan

Near the Turkish Riviera town of Marmaris, Dalyan is near one of the best springs on the Aegean Coast. The Sultaniye springs feed into Lake Koycegiz, a sprawling inland lake, and all throughout the area, you’ll find mud baths and springs to experience. The scenery is reason enough to visit: Lake Koycegiz is stunningly beautiful. But the baths are some of the best in the country, thanks to the high mineral content.

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