Tonga Yacht Charters

The 176 islands of Tonga offer beauty and adventure in the true spirit of the South Pacific

If there’s anything you first notice about Tonga, besides its idyllic surroundings, it’s the archipelago’s relaxed way of life. Made up of 176 islands, most of which remain uninhabited, Tonga is unspoiled in nature; and its people still retain the authentic customs of Tonga’s original inhabitants from centuries ago. The charm and beauty of Tonga is why yacht charter guests love returning here year after year.

Tonga horses

Wander through its quaint, familiar villages, and you’ll see touches of its true culture: local arts and crafts, delicious, homemade fare, traditional dances and an appreciation for the land and sea. Surrounded by beautiful waters, and dotted with lush tropical rainforests, white-sand beaches, sandbars, mountainous terrain and colorful local flora, Tonga revolves around life on the water. Its natural beauty has made it a hotspot for scuba diving, kayaking and snorkeling, while its whimsy and enchantment has made it one of the world’s most beautiful yacht charter destinations.

Tonga Highlights

History & Culture: As the only Pacific island nation never to be colonized by a foreign entity, in Tonga, people take life as it comes — slowly, easily and without frustration. With its authentic culture and traditions, as well as a longstanding monarchy that dates back many centuries, Tonga is the epitome of ‘true’ Polynesia; a place where time practically stands still.

Cuisine: Like its South Pacific neighbors, Tonga’s cuisine is a product of its environment; largely influenced by what grows and lives in the land and sea. The Tongan people typically eat taro, yams, bananas, coconuts, and their restaurants often include menus influenced by both European and Asian cuisine. Local dishes include: “Topai,” or dough balls with syrup and coconut milk; “Lú,” a chopped meat dish wrapped in banana leaves; and “Ota ‘ika,” which means ‘raw fish.’

Landscape: Named for a word that means “garden,” it should come as no surprise that Tonga is one of the South Pacific’s unspoiled archipelagos. Made up of 176 islands, only 36 of which are actually inhabited, Tonga is covered in white-sand beaches, tropical rain forests, caves, volcanoes, limestone cliffs and vibrant barrier reefs.

Nightlife: Tonga’s nightlife caters to everyone’s tastes, and all of it is filled with life and enthusiasm. From high-class bars to local haunts, the nightlife is as diverse as its people; but with their same relaxed, low-key vibe.