Tahiti Islands

Tahiti Islands worth visiting on your luxury yacht charter in South Pacific

The French Polynesian island chain that is often simply referred to as “Tahiti” is a paradise for yacht charters with the characteristic beauty that is typical of the South Pacific. The landscape of these islands includes towering volcanoes covered in capes of green, tropical plant life. Along the reef are tiny islets, which feature beautiful white sand beaches decorated with swaying palms.

An overview of the major Tahiti islands and what they offer for yacht charter guests.

Bora Bora Bora Bora
Bora Bora is one of the most well-known islands in Tahiti, and its very name is synonymous with white sandy beaches, deep blue waters, a beautiful climate, and an exotic atmosphere. Both Bora Bora and the smaller island of Topua are safely encompassed in a barrier reef which allows for excellent snorkeling and swimming opportunities. Bora Bora features two large peaks: that of Mt. Otemanu, with its black basalt rock which is 2,362 feet above the sea and nearby Mt. Pahia. The island of Topua is actually all that remains of Bora-Bora the ancient volcano.

Yacht charter guests will enjoy secluded anchorages in calm waters and may choose to swim with the turtles, sharks, and rays. You’ll enjoy the shops and art galleries here and will want to dine at the Bora Bora Yacht Club or Bloody Mary’s while in Bora-Bora.

Huahine Huahine
Whereas Raiatea is the Sacred Island and Tahaa is the Vanilla Island, Huahine is known as the Garden Island. Comprised of two islands connected by a short bridge, the island is known for its tropical forests and agricultural contributions. Huahine-Nui (big island) and Huahine-Iti (little island) have kept away from tourist traps and commercialism, offering pristine sandy beaches, safe anchorages, and amazing snorkeling opportunities instead. Be sure to tour the archaeological sites which reveal much about life on the island over a thousand years ago.

Moorea Moorea
The magical island of Moorea is possibly one of the most scenically stunning islands in the Tahitian Islands. Located only ten nautical miles from the island of Tahiti, Moorea’s atmosphere is both welcoming and relaxing. The locals here are warm and friendly, excited to share their paradise home with visitors. Despite the popularity of the island, Moorea has maintained its small-island feel and natural beauty.

Moorea is an ideal charter destination for honeymooners or families and offers a variety of choices for an adventurous vacation. Guests can enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, water sports, or even when in season, whale watching. For the fearless, you can try parasailing or skydiving, where you’ll get an unmatched view of the island. The kids would enjoy the Moorea Dolphin Center, where they can swim and play with dolphins. Relax on one of the island’s amazing Moorea Green Pearl Golf Course or visit Tiki Village for a Polynesian dance show and traditional feast.

Raiatea Raiatea
This second-largest island, behind the island of Tahiti, has a rich history, making it a popular charter destination for guests who wish to glimpse into the cultural background of French Polynesia. Known as the Sacred Island because of its legendary connection as a home for the gods, Raiatea offers a variety of interesting archaeological and historic sites that should not be missed. This island is the administrative center for the Leeward Islands and offers fabulous mountain views and scenic waterfalls.

Moorea Tahaa
Just north of Raiatea, across a shared lagoon, lies the island of Tahaa. Sometimes known Raiatea’s twin island, Tahaa has earned its nickname of the Vanilla Island. The scent of vanilla fills the air because almost all of the vanilla produced in French Polynesia is grown in the valleys of this tropical paradise. Since the island is only accessible by boat, you will find that it lacks the commercialism of other areas. The elusive black pearl is grown on aquatic farms on Tahaa and you can find beautiful jewelry fashioned by the local artists here. Natural sites worth visiting include a sea turtle preserve, the botanical gardens, snorkeling at the reef, swimming at the white sandy beaches, or simply walking on the coral road that lines the shore.