South Pacific Yacht Charters

The South Pacific is a tropical paradise for yacht charter guests who are seeking relaxation, adventure, or romance

If you’re in the market for a tropical yacht charter escape to Paradise – one that mixes serenity, romance and adventure – the South Pacific is just for you. Regarded for its emerald and azure lagoons, lush rainforests, vibrant coral reefs and perfectly-pristine coasts, the South Pacific has become one of the world’s most raved-about yacht charter destinations.

Tahiti Bora Bora

Wander through its quaint island towns, and you’ll find remnants of its varied past: a historic battlefield and war relics, interesting cultural norms and a welcoming people. Given its idyllic aquamarine waters, water is the center of life in the Cook Islands, Fiji, Tahiti and all other members of the South Pacific archipelago; meaning watersports like kayaking, surfing, swimming,snorkeling, diving, jet skiing, paddle boarding and more reign supreme. If the water’s not your thing, head to the islands’ interiors for eco-tours and hiking on its majestic mountains and through its tropical forests. On many of the islands, you will even find luxury resorts, spectacular spas, boutique shopping and impeccable restaurants – all things that should not be missed during your yacht charter escape to the South Pacific Ocean.

South Pacific Highlights

History & Culture: If there’s one thing you first notice about the South Pacific, aside from it’s natural beauty, it’s its welcoming, happy people. Hospitality is one of their many traditions and customs; as is making bark cloth called “tapa” for clothing or decoration, firewalking in Fiji, stone fishing in French Polynesia, shell money in the Solomon Islands, and more. Though unique, these cultural traditions keep the diverse inhabitants of the South Pacific as one body.

Landscape: The South Pacific is a rather large, beautiful region; one that Contains thousands of islands, including those of Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia. The terrain is diverse and tropical, consisting of lush rainforests, colorful flora and fauna, idyllic beaches, enchanting water views, volcanoes and grandiose mountains.

Cuisine: In the South Pacific, seafood reigns supreme – especially when you consider that nearly 300 varieties of fish are found in the waters of Polynesia alone. Fish is typically eaten raw, poached, or grilled, and is accompanied by root vegetables and indigenous tropical fruits, like bananas, plantains, mangoes, papayas and pineapple.

Nightlife: Known more as a romantic escape than a party destination, the South Pacific still boasts a string of popular beachfront bars, pubs, all-night feasts and cultural parties through all its islands that are guaranteed to entertain the masses.