New Zealand Yacht Charters

A yacht charter in New Zealand offers such a diverse landscape and amazing scenery

In New Zealand, you aren’t “at home” unless you’re enjoying life on the water. Home to more boats per capita than any other place in the world, this adventure-filled country has become a must-try yacht charter destination; one filled with an interesting mix of mystery, tranquility and rugged, but beautiful landscapes.

New Zealand

With its intriguing glaciers, geysers and fjords, rolling green pastures, majestic mountains and near-perfect plateaus and beaches, it should come as no surprise that New Zealand is revered by curious yacht charter guests from across the globe. To see all it has to offer, taste its delectable fare and crisp white wines, stroll atop its black-sand beaches, take in the stunning beauty of the Milford and Doubtful Sounds – dubbed by Rudyard Kipling as the “eighth wonder of the world” – and wander through its protected national parks; they practically surround the country.

While Australians have been visiting the tranquil and unique beauty of New Zealand for decades, other areas of the world are just now seeing what an astounding charter experience they have been missing. As the demand for South Pacific yacht charters increases, you can expect more emphasis on New Zealand, where guests never cease to be amazed.

When to Charter in New Zealand

While New Zealand yacht charters are available year round, most guests prefer the warmer months from September to April. However, if you are seeking a peaceful adventure that is unlike any other vacation, you may prefer a winter charter. The landscape takes on an eerie stillness. The water is like a mirror and the breezes are light, but constant. If the cold doesn’t bother you and you are well-dressed for the weather, a winter New Zealand yacht charter might be preferred.

New Zealand Highlights

History & Culture: First discovered and settled by the Polynesians 700 years ago, the country of New Zealand developed a unique Māori culture based on the people’s relationship with both one another and the land. Though it is an isolated Pacific Island nation, New Zealand is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations. All of this combined has resulted in a nation that is cosmopolitan, multicultural, environmentally-conscious, educated and beautiful.

Cuisine: Influenced by Europe, Polynesia and Asia, New Zealand’s cuisine embodies a range of flavours and food that emulate a distinctly New Zealand style. Popular dishes in New Zealand include: lamb, pork, venison, salmon, crayfish, Bluff oysters, whitebait, paua, mussels, scallops, shellfish like pipis and tuatua, sweet potatoes, kiwifruit, tamarillo and “pavlova,” the area’s national dessert.

Landscape: New Zealand’s geography is as beautiful as the destination is popular. It is characterized by spectacular glaciers, picturesque fiords, rugged mountains, vast plains, rolling hillsides, subtropical forestland, volcanic plateaus and miles of sandy coasts. Home to two main islands, North and South Island, it should come as no surprise that its beautiful terrain is often the backdrop for some of the world’s most popular movies, like The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Nightlife: Though it may not be a destination for nightclubs, in New Zealand, you don’t need them. Head to Auckland and Wellington, and you’ll find world class bars, clubs and restaurants with a kiwi twist. The smaller cities, likewise, don’t disappoint; towns like Dunedin, Queenstown and Taupo offers visitors a great night out with relaxed, low key vibes and beautiful surroundings.