Fiji Yacht Charters

Set in the tropical South Pacific, Fiji consists of 333 breathtaking islands, mostly uninhabited

As remote as they are beautiful, the islands of Fiji are the epitome of relaxation and beauty. Perfect for families, lovers, friends and curious yacht charter guests alike, Fiji’s 333 islands and 500+ inlets have become famous for their volcanic terrain, glittering blue waters, white sand beaches, lush tropical forests and towering coconut trees paint a true picture of Paradise.

Fiji underwater

An ideal South Pacific yachting, diving and snorkeling destination, Fiji’s clear and inviting waters are filled with plentiful sea creatures and endless colorful corals. Head to the islands’ interiors and you’ll find luxury resorts, boutique shopping, action-packed cities and welcoming inhabitants stemming from India, China, Europe and more; each with their own traditions of food, art and music. Predominantly enchanting and uninhabited, it should come as no surprise that this beautiful archipelago served as the backdrop for the box-office hit, “Blue Lagoon.”

Fiji Highlights

History & Culture: First settled 3500 years ago by what are now called the “Lapita people,” after the fine pottery they produce, today, Fiji is a multicultural region with traditions stemming from Oceanic, European, South Asian and East Asian influences. Its inhabitants are primarily divided into two groups, Fijians and Indo-Fijians, and Fijian, Hindi and English are the languages most often spoken there.

Landscape: Fiji is home to a mountainous terrain, made of both dormant and extinct volcanoes, as well as limestone and coral. The highest point in Fiji is Mount Tomanivi – on the main island of Viti Levu – and like most of the archipelago, it contains plentiful hot springs, lush rainforests, endless trees and indigenous flora.

Cuisine: Due primarily to the islands’ Indian influences, Fijians have adopted chili peppers, unleavened bread, rice, vegetables, curries and tea are part of their daily diet. Traditional Fijian meals typically include a main meal of taro, yams, sweet potatoes or manioc, often paired with meats, leafy vegetables and fish. Common drinks on the island are water, first, and teas, coconut water and fresh, tropical fruit juices.

Nightlife: Fiji’s nightlife is as diverse as its people. From rowdy pubs to sophisticated resort bars, Fiji’s nightlife has something for everyone; as long as you don’t have a problem with Fijian rock or Bollywood music. It’s everywhere!