Top 9 Beaches in Tahiti

As the largest island in French Polynesia, Tahiti has many miles of stunningly beautiful coastline to explore. And the beaches here feel like paradise. Whiling away an afternoon on a Tahitian beach is a truly blissful experience.

The island is also home to an interesting collection of beaches. There’s something here for everyone! From hidden, black-sand-rimmed coves, to sprawling white-sand shorelines that beckon surfers, you’ll find numerous beaches to relax, unwind and enjoy the beauty of the South Pacific.

Which beaches should be on your bucket-list? These are the 9 best beaches in Tahiti that you won’t want to miss.

  1. Lafayette Beach

Tahiti’s well-known for its black-sand beaches, and one of the finest is Lafayette. Located just 20 minutes outside of Papeete, the capital city, the beach remains secluded and rarely draws crowds. This beach is a favorite for swimming and sunbathing. Plus, it’s located near the Pearl Beach Resort, which is home to a world-class spa.

Where Is It: North of Papeete

Why Go: Go for the black sand experience. Lafayette Beach’s sand – which comes from nearby volcanos – is so soft, you can sink into it.

  1. Papenoo Beach

Want an off-the-beaten path experience? Papenoo Beach fits the bill. This black-sand beach is little-developed, but what it lacks in amenities, Papenoo makes up for in solitude and natural beauty.

The horseshoe-shaped beach beckons surfers with its consistent break, so bring a board if you’re so inclined. Plus, nearby natural wonders, including Arahoho Blowhole and a waterfall make this a great stop on a daylong excursion.

Where: North Coast, 45 minutes from Papeete

Why Go: Papenoo is perfect for surfers of all skill levels. If you’re a beginner, start here before heading to Tahiti’s more challenging break.

  1. Toaroto Beach

White-sand beaches are somewhat of a rarity on Tahiti, but if that’s what you’re looking for, head to Toaroto. The beach is one of the island’s best stretches of white sand, and its protected waters are perfect for snorkeling and swimming. There’s also a nearby park, which makes this a favorite family destination.

Where: 30 minutes west of Papeete

Why Go: Head here for snorkeling. The gentle waters are teeming with reef fish.

  1. Bain Lot Beach

If you’ll be visiting Papeete, a stop at Bain Lot Beach is a must. This beautiful beach is located a short walk from downtown, yet the beach retains its natural charm. Bain Lot is well-known for its unusual break, with waves crashing in both directions. That’s why it’s sometimes referred to as the “Ins and Outs” beach.

Where: Papeete

Why Go: You’ll find great water sports amenities here. Hire a sail board for the day, go sea kayaking, or spend the afternoon soaking up the sun.

  1. Venus Point Beach

In 1769, Captain James Cook visited the black sand beaches at Venus Point to witness the transit of Venus across the sun. Today, the beach retains much of its natural splendor that Cook experience all those years ago, and is now home to a beautiful lighthouse. The lagoon is great for swimming and snorkeling. Plus, it’s one of the best beaches for watching the sunset.

Where: 25 minutes north of Papeete

Why Go: The cool waters are one of the island’s best swimming destinations. Plus, the lighthouse grounds are perfect for an afternoon hike.

  1. Teahupoo Beach

Teahupoo Beach is the center of Tahiti’s surfing world, as surfers from around the world flock here for the legendary waves. This isn’t a beginner break, by any means. Waves regularly break at 6- to 9-feet, with some even calling it the deadliest break in the world.

Even so, it’s a beautiful spot for sunbathing and each August, the Billabong Pro Tahiti surf competition is held here, a must-see for visitors.

Where: Tahiti Iti (the southern, smaller part of Tahiti)

Why Go: Visit Teahupoo to gawk at the adrenaline junkies braving the six-foot swells.

  1. Mahana Park Beach

On the west side of the island, you’ll find the manicured Mahana Park and its namesake beach. Although it looks like white sand, Mahana Park Beach is made up of tiny white pebbles. The beach rarely draws traffic, making it the perfect place for a quiet afternoon picnic. Plus, there’s a near-shore reef, which is home to more than 200 variety of fish.

Where: 30 minutes west of Papeete

Why Go: The waters at Mahana Park are crystal clear, which is great because there’s a reef close to the shore. This is an amazing snorkeling destination.

  1. Maui Beach

Surrounded by a lush rainforest, Maui Beach is a beautiful, secluded beach in Tahiti Iti. The white-sand beach looks like a South Pacific dream, with its shimmering turquoise waters and picture-perfect palms. This beach is one of the best for some R&R. It’s quiet, rarely draws a crowd, and the water is always nice.

Where: Southeast Tahiti, on Tahiti-Iti

Why Go: Maui Beach is a natural beauty; enjoy the splendor of the beach, then take a hike into the rainforest to the see the Caverna de Maui, a beautiful cave.

  1. Plage de Maeva

Maeva is another beach a stone’s throw from Papeete. The horseshoe shaped white-sand cove looks out over aquamarine waters; it’s a stunning location for an afternoon of sunbathing. Maeva is also home to several resorts, offering a shore break for charter guests. Plus, Maeva offers some of the best sunset views on the island.

Where: 15 minutes south of Papeete

Why Go: A quiet and serene white-sand beach, that’s perfect for watching the sunset.

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