Cook Islands Yacht Charters

The idyllic yacht charter destination for newlyweds, Cook Islands offer the perfect tropical temperatures

The Cook Islands in the South Pacific Ocean are a picturesque escape with fifteen main islands and endless options for yacht charters. Known for their stunning coastlines, perfect beaches, colorful flowers and treasure-like charm, this South Pacific Ocean archipelago – located between New Zealand and Hawaii – is one of the most raved-about yachting destinations in the world.

Cook Islands

The perfect combination of Polynesian heritage and a European “je ne sais quoi,” the enchanting Cook Islands are equal parts romantic, beautiful and mysterious. When you aren’t diving through its sparkling, aquamarine waters or tanning on one of its plentiful beaches, wander through its small towns to get a taste of its delicious fare, stay in one of its luxury resorts or dance through its music-filled streets. For the best view of the archipelago below, climb to the top of its verdant mountain peaks; there’s little that compares to watching the sunset while listening to the tune of indigenous, whimsical songbirds.

Cook Islands Highlights

History & Culture: The Cook Islands were first believed to be settled in 1500 BC, when immigrants from the French Polynesian Islands established their communities there. Today, it houses inhabitants from across the globe; a reserved people, all of whom are known for being hospitable, generous and incredibly friendly.

Cuisine: The cuisine of the Cook Islands depends largely on the produce and seafood available on the island. Common dishes in this part of the world are: Rori (or sea cucumber), a raw fish mixture called Ika, Rukau and the indigenous Umukai – a combination of meat, ika and vegetables wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in a special, underground oven. Popular drinks include: coconut water, Bush Beer and tropical fruit juices made from homegrown fruits.

Landscape: An archipelago of 15 islands, the Cook Islands are filled with diverse corals, raised and sunken volcanoes, clean, perfect beaches, colorful flowers and impeccable water views.

Nightlife: Though they may be small, the Cook Islands come alive at night. From local, beachfront bars, to places with live music, pubs and restaurants open all night long, The Cook Islands have a tasteful, but interesting nightlife scene that promises not to disappoint.