Tahiti Yacht Charters

Fall in love with the crown jewel of the South Pacific

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    The sparkling waters of the South Pacific conjure up images of tranquility and natural beauty. And Tahiti – the stunning island with emerald lagoons and quiet beaches – is at the center of it all. A the largest atoll in French Polynesia, Tahiti yacht charters offer guests a tropical paradise that’s ideal for finding true peace.


    Tahiti is a yachter’s dream destination. From the island’s secluded white sand beaches and unique marine life, to the postcard-worthy turquoise waters and mountainous jungles, the island is stunningly beautiful. And its remoteness offers peace unlike anywhere else in the world. Plus, French Polynesia offers plenty to do and explore: Jungle hikes, ATV tours, new cuisine, cultural festivals, and of course, nearly 200 islands and atolls to discover.

    Bottom line, there’s something for everyone in Tahiti and plenty to explore. The island is located right in the heart of the South Pacific. With 30,000 islands, atolls and islets to explore across this entire corner of the Pacific – like Bora Bora, Tahaa, the Austral Islands and Fiji – Tahiti offers the perfect jumping off point for a world-class, luxury yacht charter experience.

    Tahiti Yacht Charters: What to See and Do

    Thanks to Tahiti’s unique geography, yacht charters in the region offer itineraries full of exhilarating moments. Each island in the region – from Bora Bora, to Huahine – offers new experiences and sites to explore. You can peruse the handiwork of local artisans in an area market or try to ride the waves on a surfboard in Bora Bora.

    Regardless of where you roam in the South Pacific, you’ll be able to find the solitude you’ve been craving and untouched natural beauty on your Tahiti yacht charter.

    Looking for some inspiring reasons to consider chartering a yacht in Tahiti? From postcard-worthy moorings, to unforgettable sea adventures, here are five reasons to consider experiencing Tahiti by superyacht:

    • World-Class Snorkeling Awaits

    Tahiti – the largest of the Society Islands – and the nearby Leeward Islands boast some of the world’s best snorkeling. Nowhere else on Earth will you find such rich, rare and abundant marine life. Nearly every lagoon – dazzlingly with that world-renowned aquamarine color – is dotted with coral reef. And dolphins, porpoises, sea turtles, neon-hued reef fish and vibrant corals call these reefs home.

    Simply stated, Tahiti is the world’s best destination for an unforgettable snorkeling adventure.

    Fortunately, all these world-class snorkeling spots are, quite literally, at your doorstep while you are on a Tahiti yacht charter. Wake up. Enjoy a breakfast of exotic fruit prepared by your personal chef. Then, your day of snorkeling begins.

    Your charter crew know the region’s dive spots like the back of their hands. That means you can avoid the overcrowded lagoons in favor of hidden, off-the-beaten-path reefs, coves and diving hotspots. Not to mention, all your equipment is onboard – so you can take a dive whenever you please.

    • Private Black-Sand Beaches

    Imagine dropping anchor in a crystal-clear lagoon. A secluded black-sand beach – shrouded in palm trees and vibrant flowers – beckons you for a day of respite. You spend the day relaxing to a symphony of surf, wind and wildlife, while you feast on Polynesian-inspired eats and cocktails. You and your guests are the only souls for miles.

    Sounds like paradise, right?

    Well, in Tahiti and French Polynesia, this blissful scene can occur every day. The French republic is home to 118 islands, including more than 80+ atolls, and many of these islands remain isolated and untouched.

    Choose to relax beachside for the day with drinks and a chef-prepared lunch, or ask your captain about other unique, one-of-a-kind jungle adventures. Beyond the beaches, many of French Polynesia’s atolls feature hidden waterfalls, ATV adventures, and panoramic vistas.

    Fortunately, you don’t have to plan ahead. Choose your adventure as you charter a yacht in Tahiti — your own expert guides will make sure you experience the region’s untouched, secluded and postcard-worthy beaches.

    • Mouth-watering Polynesian Cuisine

    Fancy yourself a foodie? Well, there’s nothing quite like dining aboard a superyacht. A personal chef is ready to design a Polynesian-inspired menu (with hints of French cooking) that will awaken all the senses. Try Poisson cru, a Tahitian twist on ceviche, featuring lime juice and coconut milk marinated red tuna, that will literally melt in your mouth.

    On your luxury Tahiti yacht charter you can sample the region’s exotic fruits like breadfruit, a sweet, starchy fruit unique to the region. (Of course, pineapple, banana, coconut and fresh seafood are available in abundance in Tahiti, too.)

    Want to experience a tasting menu? Or a Tahitian pairing? Let your chef craft a culinary tour of the islands that you’ll remember for ages – and feast on deck as the sun sets.

    Plus, your crew can help you explore Tahiti’s numerous five-star eateries when you reach a port of call. Your crew will be happy to offer Tahitian recommendations for fine dining – like L’O à la Bouche, a gourmet eatery serving up unique island dishes – or romantic waterfront restaurants like Le Coco’s. Whatever food is on your mind, your chef will be happy to create or guide you to it.

    • Tour Tahitian Culture

    Every island, atoll and port of call in Tahiti and French Polynesia has its own unique flair. From exclusive black pearl jewellers – (Tahiti is the world’s black pearl capital) – to spas and outdoor adventures, seeing all of French Polynesia would take a lifetime.

    But that’s an advantage of touring Tahiti by superyacht. You and your guests can experience more of Tahiti and the region’s sights, sounds and tastes.

    Every itinerary is personalized to create a unique luxury vacation. You might tour the Society Islands, which includes the cosmopolitan Tahiti, the ultra-exclusive Bora Bora and scenic Moorea, for a taste of Polynesian culture, cuisine and charm. Or choose to tour the entire region – from Tahiti to Fiji – stopping to explore undiscovered beaches and lagoons, hidden restaurants and spas, and the region’s stunning vistas along the way.

    Simply stated, Tahiti is the perfect basecamp for French Polynesian yacht charters. There’s a large yachting industry here – with superyachts available for hire in Tahiti’s major ports – and the island’s airports provide daily service to major hubs around the world. Once you land, be whisked away to one of Tahiti’s ports – in as little as 20 minutes – and step aboard a luxury yacht.

    • Enjoy Tahiti’s Supreme Luxury

    Tahiti’s remoteness has prevented the island from becoming a crowded tourist hangout. Instead, Tahiti and French Polynesia remain exclusive and uncrowded – the perfect destination for a relaxing, isolated vacation.

    Thanks to this remoteness, Tahiti has also cultivated a bustling luxury tourism industry. Five-star spas – providing Polynesian-inspired massage – world-class resorts, and of course, the island’s luxury charter yacht industry are waiting to provide an exclusive vacation experience.

    Schedule a personal masseuse for pampering on board. Visit the region’s fine dining establishments. Tour private islands. French Polynesia offers supreme luxury at every port of call, and aboard a charter yacht, you can live your wildest travel dreams.

    Yacht Charters in Tahiti: When to Go

    Tahiti and South Pacific Islands have a tropical climate with a wet and a dry season.

    The wet season is from November through April, with temperatures averaging 85-degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 70-degrees at night. The weather during these months can be humid and rainy, but you’ll find many sunny days with the cooling trade-winds to make for an enjoyable time. Don’t let this “rainy season” fool you; during this time of the year, Tahiti averages more sunshine overall than that of Honolulu.

    The best time for a yacht charter in Tahiti is during their winter months, which run from April to November. This dry season has lower humidity, temperatures in the mid-80s, and hardly any rain or storms. Additionally, if you prefer a sailing yacht, these months offer constant southeasterly trade winds that temper the heat from the sun and fill the sails of your yacht.

    Water Conditions: The waters of the South Pacific are inviting year-round, with temperatures hovering in the mid-to-high 70s. Typically, the swells are calm, although they do climb in the wet season.

    Tahiti – Explore the South Pacific

    Tahiti Raiatea

    Tahiti is an ideal jumping off point for an exploration of the South Pacific. Nearby, the Society Islands (including Bora Bora and Moorea) are favorite shorter destinations, while the Austral (to the south) and Marquesas (to the north) are other hotspots on Tahitian charters.

    The good news: The itinerary is up to you. Charter a yacht and create an itinerary that includes all of the best places in the South Pacific:

    • Bora Bora

    Bora Bora is one of the most well-known islands in Tahiti, and its very name is synonymous with white sandy beaches, deep blue waters, a beautiful climate, and an exotic atmosphere.

    Both Bora Bora and the smaller island of Topua are safely encompassed in a barrier reef which allows for excellent snorkeling and swimming opportunities. Bora Bora features two large peaks: that of Mt. Otemanu, with its black basalt rock which is 2,362 feet above the sea and nearby Mt. Pahia. The island of Topua is actually all that remains of Bora-Bora the ancient volcano.

    Yacht charter guests will enjoy secluded anchorages in calm waters and you may choose to swim with the turtles, sharks, and rays.

    • Huahine

    Whereas Raiatea is the Sacred Island and Tahaa is the Vanilla Island, Huahine is known as the Garden Island. Comprised of two islands connected by a short bridge, the island is known for its tropical forests and agricultural contributions.

    Huahine-Nui (big island) and Huahine-Iti (little island) have kept away from tourist traps and commercialism, offering pristine sandy beaches, safe anchorages, and amazing snorkeling opportunities instead. Be sure to tour the archaeological sites which reveal much about life on the island over a thousand years ago.

    • Moorea

    The magical island of Moorea is possibly one of the most scenically stunning islands in the Tahitian Islands. Located only ten nautical miles from the island of Tahiti, Moorea’s atmosphere is both welcoming and relaxing. The locals here are warm and friendly, excited to share their paradise home with visitors. Despite the popularity of the island, Moorea has maintained its small-island feel and natural beauty.

    Moorea is an ideal charter destination for honeymooners or families and offers a variety of choices for an adventurous vacation. Guests can enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, water sports, or even when in season, whale watching. For the fearless, you can try parasailing or skydiving, where you’ll get an unmatched view of the island. The kids would enjoy the Moorea Dolphin Center, where they can swim and play with dolphins. Relax on one of the island’s amazing Moorea Green Pearl Golf Course or visit Tiki Village for a Polynesian dance show and traditional feast.

    • Tahaa

    Just north of Raiatea, across a shared lagoon, lies the island of Tahaa. Sometimes known Raiatea’s twin island, Tahaa has earned its nickname of the Vanilla Island. The scent of vanilla fills the air because almost all of the vanilla produced in French Polynesia is grown in the valleys of this tropical paradise. Since the island is only accessible by boat, you will find that it lacks the commercialism of other areas.

    The elusive black pearl is grown on aquatic farms on Tahaa and you can find beautiful jewelry fashioned by the local artists here. Natural sites worth visiting include a sea turtle preserve, the botanical gardens, snorkeling at the reef, swimming at the white sandy beaches, or simply walking on the coral road that lines the shore.

    • Raiatea

    This second-largest island, behind the island of Tahiti, has a rich history, making it a popular charter destination for guests who wish to glimpse into the cultural background of French Polynesia.

    Known as the Sacred Island because of its legendary connection as a home for the gods, Raiatea offers a variety of interesting archaeological and historic sites that should not be missed. This island is the administrative center for the Leeward Islands and offers fabulous mountain views and scenic waterfalls.

    Tahiti – Visit a Luxury Travel Paradise

    Tahiti offers a travel experience unlike any on Earth. It’s stunningly beautiful, exclusive, and rich with culture, nightlife and luxury experiences. Yet, Tahiti yacht charters offer the best way to experience the island and French Polynesia.

    Just imagine: Stunning sunsets every night. Fresh mahi mahi every day. Untouched beaches around every corner. By sea, French Polynesia offers travelers a chance to bathe in the region’s supreme isolation, enjoy its stunning splendor and experience a truly one-of-a-kind adventure.