The sparkling waters of the South Pacific conjure up images of tranquility and natural beauty. And Tahiti – the stunning island with emerald lagoons and quiet beaches – is at the center of it all. The largest atoll in French Polynesia, Tahiti offers yacht charter guests a tropical paradise that’s ideal for finding true peace.

Tahiti is a yachter’s dream destination. From the island’s secluded white sand beaches and unique marine life, to the postcard-worthy turquoise waters and mountainous jungles, the island is stunningly beautiful. And its remoteness offers peace unlike anywhere else in the world. Plus, South Pacific offers plenty to do and explore: Jungle hikes, ATV tours, new cuisine, cultural festivals, and of course, nearly 200 islands and atolls to discover.

Tahiti Highlights

  • Breathtaking turquoise lagoons
  • Coral atolls & vibrant coral reefs
  • Fantastic snorkeling and diving
  • Miles of deserted sandy beaches
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