Tahiti Yacht Charters

Fall in love with the crown jewel of the South Pacific

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  • The sparkling waters of the South Pacific conjure up images of tranquility and natural beauty. And Tahiti – the stunning island with emerald lagoons and quiet beaches – is at the center of it all. The largest atoll in French Polynesia, Tahiti offers yacht charter guests a tropical paradise that’s ideal for finding true peace.

    Tahiti is a yachter’s dream destination. From the island’s secluded white sand beaches and unique marine life, to the postcard-worthy turquoise waters and mountainous jungles, the island is stunningly beautiful. And its remoteness offers peace unlike anywhere else in the world. Plus, French Polynesia offers plenty to do and explore: Jungle hikes, ATV tours, new cuisine, cultural festivals, and of course, nearly 200 islands and atolls to discover.

    Bottom line, there’s something for everyone in Tahiti and plenty to explore. The island is located right in the heart of the South Pacific. With 30,000 islands, atolls and islets to explore across this entire corner of the Pacific – like Bora Bora, Tahaa, the Austral Islands and Fiji – Tahiti offers the perfect jumping off point for a world-class, luxury yacht charter experience.

    Tahiti Yacht Charters: What to See and Do

    Thanks to Tahiti’s unique geography, yacht charters in the region offer itineraries full of exhilarating moments. One day, you might visit a chic shopping district on the mainland, and the next, revel in the silence of a secluded island.

    Each island in the region – from Bora Bora, to Huahine – offers new experiences and sites to explore. You can peruse the handiwork of local artisans in an area market or try to ride the waves on a surfboard in Bora Bora. Regardless of where you roam in the South Pacific, you’ll be able to find the solitude you’ve been craving and untouched natural beauty on your Tahiti yacht charter.

    Tahiti and French Polynesia offer some of the most vibrant and colorful barrier reefs to explore in all of the Pacific. Bora Bora, for example, is surrounded by one of the world’s most pristine reefs – one of the best and most intact in the world. Yet, all of the islands (there are 118 in French Polynesia alone) offer plenty of spots to snorkel and take in the underwater flora and fauna, so be sure to bring your gear!

    French Polynesia is a surfer’s paradise, with year-round opportunities to catch waves. In fact, many of the breaks that reach Hawaii in winter, also reach Tahiti (albeit with slightly smaller waves). Each island offers its own breaks, from Haapiti on the island of Moorea, to Papara and Teahupoo in Tahiti. With plenty of surf shops and surfing outfitters on every island, you’ll be surfing like a pro in no time.

    Off-Road Tours
    The volcanic islands of French Polynesia offer rugged tropical paradises to explore, and a 4WD tour offers one of the one of the best ways to experience the jungles and mountain vistas. On Bora Bora, ATV and 4-wheeler tours are particularly popular, as you’ll find tour operators throughout the island. Jet up to the top of Faanui Cannon lookout in Bora Bora and take in the stunning vistas of the lagoon. Most tours take you on 20+ kilometer treks, offering a fun, afternoon escape.

    Sea Kayaking
    With the waters near Tahiti bathtub-warm all year long, no doubt you’ll spend plenty of time in the water. Kayaking and canoeing offer the best way to explore the shallow waters and inlets in many of Tahiti’s protected lagoons. Plus, it’s part of the culture. Each year in October, the Hawaiki Nui Vaa’ canoe race takes participants (more than 100) on a sprawling course over three days – a must-see event.

    Black Pearl Tours
    Polynesia black pearls are just as beautiful as the landscapes of Tahiti and prized by jewelers the world over. In French Polynesia, pearl farming makes up a huge part of the economy (second only to tourism). And that means there are plenty of pearl farms to explore and tour while on shore. Spend a day learning about black pearl production or shop for some stunning black pearl creations. You’ll find the best black pearl jewelry in French Polynesia!

    Spa Days
    French Polynesia offers a haven for visitors, away from the bustle of modern life. Not surprisingly, these islands are known for offering some of the best spa experiences in the world. Spend an afternoon treating yourself to a beach massage in one of the numerous world-class resorts and spas. Or try a traditional Polynesia treatment. Relaxation is a Polynesian way of life.

    Island Hopping
    In the waters around Tahiti, you’ll find plenty of hidden oases, untouched atolls and uninhabited islands to explore. French Polynesia is home to 118 island, atolls and islets, each offering a unique chance to come ashore and relax. Spend your charter hopping from the best and most remote islands in all of Polynesia!

    Yacht Charters in Tahiti: What to Expect

    Tahiti’s climate offers ideal conditions for yachting year-round, with temperatures in the mid-80s and incredible water conditions. Not to mention, Tahiti is known for its sunshine (it receives more sunshine than Honolulu). In short, the climate is perfect for sailing or motor yacht charters.

    • When to Go: Tahiti has a rainy and dry season, although charters take off throughout the year. The wet season runs November to April; from April to November the islands are drier.
    • What to Expect: Throughout the year, Tahiti experiences temperatures in the mid-70s to 80s. During the dry season, temperatures stay steady in the 80s, with light breezes and few rain storms. During the wet season, the trade winds pick up, which can make sailing more difficult.
    • Water Conditions: The waters of the South Pacific are inviting year-round, with temperatures hovering in the mid-to-high 70s. Typically, the swells are calm, although they do climb in the wet season.

    Tahiti – Explore the South Pacific

    Tahiti is an ideal jumping off point for an exploration of the South Pacific. Nearby, the Society Islands (including Bora Bora and Moorea) are favorite day-trip destinations, while the Austral (to the south) and Marquesas (to the north) are other hotspots on Tahitian charters.

    The good news: The itinerary is up to you. Charter a yacht and create an itinerary that includes all of the best places in the South Pacific:

    • Bora Bora – Bora Bora might be the most famous of the islands, known for its vivid emerald lagoon and beautiful reefs.
    • Moorea – A natural oasis, Moorea is known for its 4WD tours, beautiful barrier reefs, and incredible wildlife adventures.
    • Huahine – Located 90 miles from Moorea, Huahine offers plenty of outdoor adventures, including horseback riding, cycling, hiking and diving.
    • Raiatea and Tahaa – The neighboring islands of Raiatea and Tahaa, just south of Bora Bora, is home to some of the most productive pearl farms in the region.

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