Balearic Islands Charter Itinerary

From the sunny city of Palma on Majorca to the ever-festive party atmosphere of Ibiza, the Balearic Islands have so much to offer. Secluded beaches and private anchorages can be found around the corner from historic medieval landmarks and Europe’s hottest nightlife.

Balearic Islands itinerary map

Day 1: Palma, Mallorca

Palma, the capital of the Balearics, is easily accessible, making it the perfect place to begin your luxury charter. Here, history abounds. The city’s iconic gothic cathedral is a must-see. Be sure you also leave time to explore the Cuevas del Drach (Caves of the Dragon) at Porto Cristo, an incredible underground lake.

Palma Mallorca Cathedral

Day 2: Cabrera

A national park with a 14th century castle, there is just one anchorage on Cabrera and a permit is required to venture ashore, so this island remains off the beaten path. Hike about the island or take the yacht’s toys for a spin. Keep your eyes peeled for dolphins and other sea life.

Cabrera Spain

Day 3: Formentera

Escape to Formentera, which remains largely unspoiled. The smallest of the Balearics, the island has been called “the last paradise in the Med” because it remains relatively untouched. Here, you will find secluded beaches fringed by palms and pine and quaint little towns to explore. Es Pujols is known for incredible locale cuisine. Enjoy a lunch of fish soup and grilled seafood.

Formentera beach

Day 4: Ibiza

The whitewashed island of Ibiza is one of the top party spots in the world. The club hub of the Med plays host to some of the most sought-after DJs and celebrities through the summer months. But there’s more to Ibiza than meets the eye. Take a day off from the party scene to discover the Cueva de Es Cuieram, an ancient Greek temple hidden inside a cave or drawings from the Bronze Age at Ses Fontanellas, which does require a bit of a hike.

Ibiza party

Day 5: Cala Portinatx, Ibiza

Located at the north end of the island, Cala Portinatx is a secluded little port with pristine beaches framed by lush pine forests. The complete opposite of busy Ibiza Town, you can relax, enjoy your yacht and frolic in the warm water.

Ibiza beach

Day 6: Puerto Soller, Mallorca

Anchor in the circular bay of Puerto Soller. Head inland to the mountain town of Soller. Dominated by a 16th century church, the cobbled streets are bustling with cafes and restaurants. Nearby is the charming village of Deià that is home to the famous La Residencia.

Puerto de Soller

Day 7: Puerto Portals, Mallorca

Puerto Portals quickly has risen as a shining marina in the Mediterranean. With a full range of luxury amenities, it is an excellent location for a day of shopping and an evening of wining and dining — Tristán restaurant overlooks the marina and boasts a wine cellar that rivals some of Europe’s best.

Day 8: Palma, Mallorca

A short cruise will take you back to Palma. Disembark and spend the morning strolling the city’s medieval streets. Stop for lunch at the delectable must-visit restaurant Simply Fosh for one last taste of the Balearics before you depart.