Norway Yacht Charter

Explore the breathtaking fjords on your yacht charter in Norway

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  • There is nowhere in the world quite like Scandinavia; and there is nowhere in Scandinavia quite like Norway. A once-in-a-lifetime yacht charter destination, Norway is unbelievably beautiful.

    A seemingly remote destination, Norway has long been remembered for its Vikings days. Stretching from Skagerrak to the Arctic Sea, Norway is a mystical country filled with vast stretches of serene, picture-perfect landscapes; like its majestic fjords, towering peaks, forested hills, the Arctic tundra, river valleys, glaciers and more. Balancing out its natural beauty, Norway is a haven of cultural surroundings, cosmopolitan cities and Scandinavian architecture. Wander through its cities, and you’ll find a warm, welcoming people, cobblestone streets, delicious restaurants, and a wealth of bars. The real charm of Norway, however, is its familiar vibes. No matter where you go in Norway, the country as a whole boasts a small-town feel; and Norwegians know how lucky they are to have it. In fact, as you’ll likely do after you visit, Norwegians often leave Norway only to eventually return there and settle down. They want to see the rest of the world, but once they do, they quickly learn that — in Norway especially — there’s simply no place like home.

    Interested in chartering a yacht in Scandinavia? Try Norway. There are countless reasons to go sailing in Norway, including a few of our favorites, listed below.

    Why Charter a Yacht in Norway?

    Norway is filled with dramatic landscapes
    From seemingly impossible fjords and vast green space, to glaciers, ice fields, mountains and rocky coasts, Norway is nothing short of a natural powerhouse. Because of its diverse land forms, its beauty rivals some of the world’s most raved-about travel destinations. Adding to its intrigue, these Arctic landscapes are just a backdrop for Norway’s ever-growing population of wildlife: like polar bears, reindeer, musk oxen, and schools of salmon, to name a few.

    The fjords alone are reason enough to visit
    Who doesn’t want to see the fjords of Norway? Flanked by steep cliffs, mountains and glaciers, the fjords are naturally beautiful; a result of their narrow, steep-sided crystalline rock walls that stretch from 1,640 feet below sea level to 4,593 feet above it. Some of Norway’s fjords have been dubbed a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    The sun always rises
    In northern Norway, above the Arctic Circle, you can see the sun 24 hours a day. In the summer, “sunrise” is at midnight, leaving plenty of time for sailing, climbing and exploring.

    It’s one of the best spots to see the Northern Lights
    Best spotted in autumn and winter, the Northern Lights are a sight to be seen in northern Norway. Attracting travelers from around the world, these cloud-like lights can only be seen at night. The Northern Lights come in shades of green, pink and violet, and look like a light show dancing across the evening sky.

    In Norway, adventure is encouraged
    For Norwegians especially, nature is a part of life — one they have a passion for exploring. As a result, Norway has become one of the world’s top adventure tourism destinations. Depending on the seasons, travelers and locals alike can be found hiking, cycling, white-water rafting, dog-sledding, skiing, snowmobiling, sailing and more. They do this for good reason; Norway’s most beautiful assets are its stunning landscapes.