There is nowhere in the world quite like Scandinavia; and there is nowhere in Scandinavia quite like Norway. A once-in-a-lifetime yacht charter destination, Norway is unbelievably beautiful.

A seemingly remote destination, Norway has long been remembered for its Vikings days. Stretching from Skagerrak to the Arctic Sea, Norway is a mystical country filled with vast stretches of serene, picture-perfect landscapes; like its majestic fjords, towering peaks, forested hills, the Arctic tundra, river valleys, glaciers and more.

Balancing out its natural beauty, Norway is a haven of cultural surroundings, cosmopolitan cities and Scandinavian architecture. Wander through its cities, and you’ll find a warm, welcoming people, cobblestone streets, delicious restaurants, and a wealth of bars. The real charm of Norway, however, is its familiar vibes.

Norway Highlights

  • Emerald green valleys and the magnificent fjords
  • Vibrant cities with fascinating past
  • Lively fishing villages and great seafood
  • Great hiking, kayaking and other sports
  • Spectacular scenery
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