New England Yacht Charters

New England yacht charters are packed with exciting experiences. Often called the birthplace of America, this is one of North America’s oldest and most exciting yacht charter destinations. Known for its history and seafaring culture, New England delivers a fantastic yachting experience for everyone: from quaint, historic towns, outdoor adventures (like cycling and hiking) to some of the best seafood in the world.

Relax on your yacht’s deck in the fresh salt air before walking cobblestone streets 150 years older than the United States. Tour opulent mansions built by the titans of the Industrial Revolution. Sail among whales breaching in the water and explore miles of protected sandy beaches. Visit coastal villages favored by Presidents and of course, enjoy some of the best seafood in the world. There’s so much to see and do on New England yacht charters and with five of its states touching the Atlantic, it’s all best experienced by charter boat!

New England Yacht Charter Highlights

  • Picturesque coastal towns
  • Amazing coastline
  • Beautiful beaches and sand dunes
  • Rich maritime history and sea life
  • World-renown seafood and unique cuisine
  • Playground of the rich and famous
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Explore Boston, Newport, Maine, and Cape Cod on your private New England Yacht Charter

While New England is beautiful all year round, the late spring and summer months – specifically, between May and September – is when yachting season really hits its prime.

In the late spring and summer months, New England becomes alive with luxury boat rentals. The region was built on the sea and many charter yachts that spend winters in the Bahamas or the Caribbean, relocate to New England for the summer charter season because there’s no better place in the world to be.

New England also hosts several world-renowned yachting events, the most prestigious being the America’s Cup, an exhilarating race attracting the world’s best sailing yachts. For sailing enthusiasts, this can be a unique opportunity to take part in a regatta charter and experience this amazing event firsthand.

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How to Choose Your New England Yacht Rental?

Your yacht rental will depend on your needs and budget. Want to island-hop? Prefer to anchor offshore and relax? Or perhaps sail slowly along the coastline like the mariners of old. Each style of yacht charter brings its own set of advantages.

New England Crewed Motor Yachts

Sleek, modern, luxurious, and fast. Crewed motor yacht charters are perfect for island hopping, seeing as many ports as possible, and enjoying a wider range of toys than monohulls or catamarans.  Water toys vary by boat but range from wakeboards and standup paddleboards to kayaks and jet skis.

New England Crewed Sailing Charters

New England is the sailing capital of the world for a reason. Favorable winds have dependably powered small sloops, to the famed Yankee Clippers, to our luxury monohull charters across its seas. A crewed sailboat is a perfect way to explore the coastline in harmony with nature and relive a small part of New England’s history.

Top New England Yacht Charter Destinations

New England fishing village

On one of our luxury New England yacht charters, you can set sail in almost any direction you choose. So where do you wish to go? From the most northern reaches of Maine to the southern tip of Connecticut, you have more than 6,000 miles of coastline to explore. Like a 17th century explorer, your New England yacht charter itinerary will be like no other experience before. Here are a few of the top destinations for New England boat charters to help plan:

Cape Cod

This is where the Pilgrim first landed on the Mayflower. Thanksgiving dinner was first held here. The Mayflower Compact, the first concept of a constitution, was signed just off its coast.  JFK favored the beaches at Hyannis Port, but he wasn’t the first. Ulysses S. Grant and Grover Cleveland loved the Cape. Most importantly, Cape Cod is New England in miniature. Plus with the Cape Cod National Seashore spanning 40 miles of coastline, all managed by the National Park Service, what better way to experience it than on a private yacht charter?


The original native Americans called this place “faraway land.” The island of Nantucket is a quiet, casual place to relax, a perfect stop for boat charters. A former whaling station, Melville based Moby Dick on the whaler ship Essex which launched from its shores and he did his characters Ahab and Starbuck. Today the entire island is listed as a US National Historic Landmark District and has become a summer destination.  Its 18th and early 19th century New England seaport architectural style is unmatched, it’s stores and restaurants nearly all are locally owned and sourced. It’s culture, artistic. Nantucket island is known for the performing arts and its artist residency colony, and of course, wearing Nantucket Reds.

Martha’s Vineyard

Between the hustle of Cape Cod and remote Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard can be reached by yacht and has been a favorite of many. No one knows where the name first originated but local legends abound. Martha’s Vineyard is thought to be the location of the first English settlement in the region and today a favorite of many. The Bush Family, the Clinton Family, and the Obama’s all vacationed here often.  The reason? Words can’t explain, but this is your chance to find out for yourself.

Newport, RI

Sail back to the Gilded Age, a place where Fitzgerald’s Gatsby might feel at ease.  Newport was home to Jacqueline Kennedy. Eisenhower summered there. The Vanderbilt family fell in love with the city too and built the legendary The Breakers. Today Newport remains a vibrant sea town. A past host of America’s Cup, its perfect harbor is home to a fleet of private yachts and premier sailing schools.  Test your land legs on the famed Cliff Walk that hugs the Atlantic Ocean or take the Preservation Society’s incredible Mansion Tour.


At the northern edge of the east coast, where the famed Appalachian Trail finally ends, you’ll explore a rugged cost that vanishes into mist-covered mountains. First settled by fishermen and 17th-century adventurers, it’s where Henry David Thoreau went to explore. Today, there is no finer way to experience this storybook land than by yacht. Quaint fishing villages and port towns, each with their own signature lobster roll, dot a shoreline protected by lighthouses most have seen in travel magazines but few have visited. From April to October, you may troll between right whales feeding their young, or witness spectacular humpbacks breaching in front of you. Or perhaps, for a very lucky few, an Orcas will say hello. No matter what else you find, this rugged wilderness is a place where you will find yourself.

Boston, MA

The cultural hub of New England, mighty Boston is a must on any bucket list. The American Revolution started here, free speech, and Boston Chowder. It’s the home of iconic sports teams, the Boston Marathon, and some of the greatest universities in the world. Get lost wandering its cobblestone streets that spread around a historic harbor and home of Old Ironsides – the USS Constitution. Millions visit this iconic city, but only a select few will ever experience it from the view of a luxury yacht.

Sag Harbor

From its sophisticated wine bars and upscale beach clubs, to the beautiful Victorians and award-winning restaurants, Sag Harbor exudes a quiet cool. This New York coastal town is often referred to as the St Tropez of the Atlantic.

What to See & Do in New England

New England yacht charters

Whether you’re a history buff or you’re in the mood for an afternoon beach picnic, New England has something for everyone. From vibrant festivals and lively sailboat regattas to natural and historical sites galore, you’ll find plenty to see and explore on your New England yacht charter. Many charter guests choose to take in the region’s many historic ports, or chase attractions or experience an event of a lifetime. Themed charter adventures might include:

Island Hopping
New England is home to numerous rocky and majestic islands and islets. In Maine alone, yachters can explore more than 3,000 beautiful islands (many of which are uninhabited). Throughout New England, you’ll find a variety of islands – from must-see Nantucket to the lesser-trafficked Cuttyhunk Island (the outermost of Massachusetts Elizabeth Islands). What will you find?

Whale Watching
From May to September, Humpback, Minke, and Finback whales seek the cooler waters of New England (just in time for yachting season) and whale watching in New England is a sight to behold. You’ll regularly see humpbacks breaching.

Beautiful Beaches
New England is known for its manicured beaches and picturesque sand dunes. A few of the favorites like Joseph Sylvia State Beach near Martha’s Vineyard, Chatham Lighthouse Beach (known for its resident seal population) and Salisbury Beach State Reservation (just south of Acadia National Park in MA) offer the best of the best.

Famous Lighthouses

New England has more than 6,000 miles of coastline and dotted along with this sprawling map, you’ll find many iconic 18th and 19th century lighthouses. Plan to tour a few on charter. New London Harbor Lighthouse, on Long Island Sound, is one of the most historic, as is the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse (built in 1771).

Summer Regattas
New England is, in our opinion, the best place to sail in the U.S. And the region has a deeply-rooted sailing culture. Newport, RI, for example, was the birthplace of America’s Cup, and the race ran in the harbor for many years. Today, you’ll find wonderful regattas all summer long, including Nantucket Race Week, the Vineyard Cup, and the Coastline to Camden.

Picturesque Towns
New England is, of course, the “birthplace of America,” and many of its towns date to the early Colonial period. Explore the cobblestoned streets and rich historical towns along the coast. Salem, MA is a favorite (known for its witchcraft past), as are Portland, ME, and Newport, RI. All along the coast, you’ll find historical buildings, forts, and museums to explore.

World-Famous Seafood
Yacht charter guests in New England are treated to some of the best seafood. The area is most famous for its rich, delicious lobster (especially in Maine and Massachusetts), but you’ll also find scallops, clams, crab, and plenty of chowder houses. Not to mention, there are numerous other local specialties to try: Saltwater taffy, maple candies, brown bread, and pies.

Throughout the year, New England hosts some of the most vibrant, lively and family-friendly festivals. You’ll find food fests, cultural events, and of course, plenty of celebrations of the sea. Try the Maine Lobster Festival, held each year in Rockland, ME, or Oyster Fest in Norwalk, CT, for great seafood. The annual Sailfest in Connecticut is another favorite for yachters.

Sport Fishing
The region is home to some of the most abundant fisheries in the U.S. If you fancy yourself a sporting angler, you’ll love the chase in New England. Seabass is a favorite sport fish, and anglers regularly pull 30-pound fish from the sea. You’ll also find tuna, stripers, and several species of shark in the waters from Cape Cod to Maine.

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There is no better way of exploring historical towns and seaside fishing villages, marveling at breaching whales and beach hopping than on private yacht rentals. Book yours today!

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