Newport Yacht Charters

Newport, Rhode Island is a historic New England port with a centuries-old tradition of yachting and sailing. Discover why Newport is known as New England’s sailing hub by booking a classic yacht charter experience.

Founded in 1693, Newport was one of the most important ports on the East Coast during colonial times. Present day Newport still has its old world charm, and is known as a hub for the arts, trade, high society, and sailing culture. It’s one of the world’s most famous ports, and a popular starting point for yacht charters to the Southern New England region.

Yachting is in the DNA of Newport. The port is home to classic schooners, luxury sailboats, and super yachts. You’ll also find some of the most famous America’s Cup sailing yachts, the Museum of Yachting, and the New York Yacht Club’s local outpost. There is a large selection of charter yachts on offer, and plenty of moorings available.

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