Newport Yacht Charters

Newport is a historic New England port with a centuries-old tradition of yachting

Newport Rhode Island
Newport, Rhode Island is a historic New England port with a centuries-old tradition of yachting and sailing. Discover why Newport is known as New England’s sailing hub by booking a classic yacht charter experience.

Founded in 1693, Newport was one of the most important ports on the East Coast during colonial times. Present day Newport still has its old world charm, and is known as a hub for the arts, trade, high society, and sailing culture. It’s one of the world’s most famous ports, and a popular starting point for yacht charters to the Southern New England region.

Yachting is in the DNA of Newport. The port is home to classic schooners, luxury sailboats, and super yachts. You’ll also find some of the most famous America’s Cup sailing yachts, the Museum of Yachting, and the New York Yacht Club’s local outpost. There is a large selection of charter yachts on offer, and plenty of moorings available.

There is so much to admire about Newport, from its impeccably preserved colonial architecture to its galleries, shops and restaurants. Notable landmarks include Touro Synagogue, the first synagogue in the United States, and Trinity Church, which has hosted notable figures including George Washington, Queen Elizabeth II, and Desmond Tutu. Newport is also renowned for the mansions built by American royalty, including the Vanderbilts and the Astors. Plan an afternoon cycling the 10 mile tour along Ocean Drive to admire the coastline and these stunning estates. Take a harbour tour and admire the historic waterfront and surrounding natural scenery. Or relax at one of three sandy beaches.

Yacht charter season in Newport runs from May through October, when the weather is at its best and winds are most reliable.

Things to See and Do in Newport

Here are some of the top places to visit during your yacht charter to Newport:

The Cliff Walk: this three-mile path along the rocky coast takes you past some of Newport’s most famous mansions. Stop along the way and indulge in a guided tour of one of these majestic homes.

International Tennis Hall of Fame: with the aim of preserving and promoting the history of tennis and celebrating the sport’s greatest champions, the International Tennis Hall of Fame is Smithsonian Institute’s first and only independent sports Hall of Fame affiliate.

Fort Adams State Park and the Museum of Yachting: the second largest bastioned fort in the U.S. is now a beautiful park at the mouth of Newport Harbour where guests can enjoy swimming, boating, and fishing. It is also home to the museum that celebrates Newport’s legendary yachting history.

Newport Folk Festival and Newport Jazz Festival: two of North America’s finest music festivals take place at Fort Adams State Park each summer. You can enjoy the excitement and then leave the crowds behind by escaping to your charter yacht.