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Maine Yacht Charter Guide – Explore Picturesque Maine onboard a Luxury Crewed Yacht

Maine is best explored by sea, aboard a luxury charter yacht. Stretching nearly 3,500 miles in length, the coast of Maine is longer than the coast of California. It features a rocky coastline, breathtaking coastal cliffs, quaint fishing villages, and sleepy towns.

There are more than 4,600 islands in the state of Maine, nearly all of which are uninhabited, pristine, and worthy of an afternoon picnic or hike. Plus, with numerous inlets and fjords to explore via kayak, fresh-caught lobster and clams in every port of call, 65 lighthouses and lively villages along the way, Maine yacht charters provide a packed itinerary of memorable excursions.

Maine Yacht Charter Highlights

  • More than 4,500 islands and islets
  • Breathtaking rocky coastline & coastal cliffs
  • Lively seaside fishing villages
  • 65 picture-perfect lighthouses
  • Great lobster and other seafood
  • Hiking and kayaking
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Maine Yachting Season

Maine is best experienced on a yacht charter yacht during the summer months when temperatures are mild and the weather sunny and ideal. In fact, during summer, the Maine coast comes alive, with shops opening on Memorial Day and visitors heading to Acadia National Park.

  • Best Time for Yacht Rentals: June through September
  • What to Expect: July and August boast the warmest weather, with temperatures jumping into the mid-70s. In June and September, the weather is a bit milder, with temperatures in the mid-60s. Throughout summer, Maine experiences ideal weather, with occasional afternoon rainstorms.
  • Water Conditions: During summer, the waters in Maine are calm. Waves tend to be 2- to 5-feet, allowing for easy cruising.

Exploring Maine: A Week-Long Yacht Charter Itinerary

During a week-long yacht charter in Maine, see all of the coastal must-see attractions – from historic Portland and Bar Harbor to Acadia National Park and Bath Harbor.

Where will your boat charter take you? Here’s a sample itinerary, touching the most picturesque, unique, and relaxing destinations.

Day 1 – Portland

Portland, ME is a hub for luxury yacht charters in the region. With an international airport located just minutes from the marinas, you can be off the plane and on board in minutes. The historic city offers plenty of shoreside excursions, arts, and culture, yet by sea, there’s plenty to discover. Nearby islands like Harpswell, Orrs, and Bailey are a short ride, and provide a haven for beach walks, kayaking, and fresh seafood (Cook’s Lobster & Ale House is a Bailey Island mainstay.)

Day 2 – Boothbay Harbor

Boothbay Harbor MaineBoothbay is a quintessential New England port. The picturesque village, features a charming waterfront, with many boutiques, restaurants, and tourist amenities. Yet, the real draw is the stunning bay. Known for its islets, rivers and inlets, Boothbay is a kayaker’s dream. Ospreys, seals, and bald eagles frequent the area, and the region’s rocky, woodland coasts feel like you’ve stepped into another world.

Day 3 – Mohegan Islands

Maine’s coast has thousands of islands. Yet, Mohegan is a must-visit, known for its exquisite beauty and friendly locals. Spend the day exploring the island – a network of trails traverses the island and provides stunning vistas along the way. Plus, you’ll find artisan shops, unpretentious chowder houses, and the occasional festival in the tiny village.

Day 4 – Camden

Camden MaineLocated in Penobscot Bay – a venue for numerous summer regattas – Camden is one of the bay’s favorite hamlets. The region is a summertime hangout for humpback whales – so bring your camera – and seals and sea lions bask in the region as well. In Camden, explore the charming waterfront, with its many shops, spas, and upscale eateries.

Day 5 – Butter Island

You’ll find Butter Island on Penobscot Bay, as well. Owned by the Cabot family (purveyors of butter and cheese, hence the name), Butter Island is home to the Monserrat Trail, a winding hiking trail, known for its wild blackberries and stunning views. Another destination nearby, Holbrook Island Sanctuary offers a similar natural reprieve: Gorgeous hiking trails, salty ocean breezes, and out-of-this-world vistas.

Day 6 – Sommes Sound

Acadia National Park MaineOne of North America’s only fjords, Sommes Sounds abuts Acadia National Park and is home to two favorite summertime destinations, Northeast Harbor and Southwest Harbor. Explore the region’s golden sand beaches – most of which are untouched – and gawk at the limestone cliffs. Both Northeast and Southwest Harbors offer plenty to do, as well, including helicopter tours of the park, botanical gardens, art galleries, and hiking.

Day 7 – Bar Harbor

Maine - Bar HarborBar Harbor has long been a favorite vacation spot; aristocrats started flocking here during in the 19th century. The town is situated near Acadia and offers access to its most iconic landscapes, including Cadillac Mountain. And the town also has a thriving summertime nightlife. Stop at Bar Harbor on your yacht charter and explore the harbor by kayak during the day and retire to a historic pub in the afternoon.

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