Mexico Yacht Charter Itinerary

Mexico yacht charter itinerary

Baja Mexico’s Sea of Cortez is the richest body of water on the planet with one of the most fascinating bio regions. Jacques Cousteau named this unique ocean environment “the aquarium of the world” for its diverse and plentiful underwater life, including giant rays, whale sharks, sea lions, and several species of whales.

This is a sample week-long itinerary for your yacht charter in Mexico:

Day 1: La Paz

La Paz beach
You will begin your journey in La Paz, a city of beauty, culture and history fringed by coconut and date palms and old laurel trees. Pristine beaches, lively town squares, a busy pier, and an anthropology and history museum are just some of the treasures for you to discover. Take a stroll along the boardwalk to the pier and see its bronze sculptures, including the well-known Christ of the Ocean.

From La Paz, sail to Puerto Balandra with its white sand beach and dazzling water. The water is perfect for swimming, snorkeling and kayaking, or spend some time on land by hiking through the area. Have your camera ready to snap a photo of the famous Mushroom Rock “El Hongo.”

Day 2: Espiritu Santo

Espiritu Santo
Isla Espiritu Santo is the closest island to the Bay of La Paz and is renowned for its red limestone cliffs contrasted with the turquoise blue sea. Bahia San Gabriel is a large bay with one of the most beautiful white sand beaches you will see on the island. According to The Nature Conservancy, Espiritu Santo has the most intact ecosystem around the Sea of Cortez, with unique plant, animal, and aquatic species, including the black-tailed hare, the ground squirrel, and the ring-tailed cat. Snorkelers will love exploring the coral reefs along Punta Prieta and Ensenada de la Dispensa, home to more than 500 species of fish and sea creatures. The mountains reach up to 2000 feet above sea level, and the desert holds archaeological marvels showing that humans first set foot on the island around 40,000 years ago.

Day 3: Isla San Francisco & Isla San Jose

Isla San Jose
The crescent-shaped bay at Isla San Francisco is a popular anchorage, known for stunning red rock cliffs, clear water, and white sand beaches. Hiking and fishing are popular activities here, and there is also great swimming and snorkeling in the warm waters that surround it. You’ll see manta rays, thresher sharks, and seals. The sandy bottom is home to amusing garden eels that love to hide as you swim by.

Isla San Jose’s anchorage at Amortajada is another spot to explore. Hop into your tender or kayak through the mangroves and lagoon. Don’t forget your binoculars so you can see majestic white egrets and herons.

Day 4: San Evaristo

San Evaristo
The quaint village of San Evaristo is known for fishing, salt panning, and goat herding. A well-protected anchorage, it has a sandy beach, perfect for an afternoon of swimming and sunbathing. If you crave a bit of adventure, it’s the perfect place to try your hand at spearfishing. Admire the sea lions and pelicans while enjoying a cocktail on your yacht, or dine al fresco on an authentic meal inspired by the area.

Day 5: Agua Verde

Aqua Verde
Agua Verde is a busy fishing village set against a backdrop of the Sierra de la Giganta mountains. The clear, smooth, blue water is striking against the striped rock cliffs on shore. You’ll be greeted by the “Roca Solitaria,” a rock pinnacle that stands guard at the mouth of Agua Verde Bay. Head on a hike up the hills and enjoy the spectacular view of the bay. Sample some delicious, fresh seafood from one of the local fishermen, or try catching your own dinner.

Day 6: Isla Monserrate

Isla Monserrate
Isla Monserrate is part of the Bay of Loreto National Park, and home to 13 species of reptile including a species of Whiptail named for the island. It is the largest and among the oldest oceanic islands in the region, with an impressive landscaped formed by volcanic limestone. It has beautiful landscapes that can be enjoyed with a hike. Divers will want to get their underwater cameras ready; below the surface you’ll find a diverse collection of species of flora and fauna.

Day 7: Los Islotes

Los Islotes
A small collection of islands off the northwest tip of Isla Partida, Los Islotes is home to a colony of Californian sea lions and a vibrant reef. Here, you can experience swimming with the friendly sea lions, or dive below the surface at El Bajito and see the beautiful tropical fish up close.

Day 8: La Paz

La Paz dolphins
As you return to La Paz to conclude your charter, cruise by Isla Partida and see the breaching whales. Take a final stroll along the boardwalk and through La Paz’s pretty streets, or visit the botanical garden outside the anthropology museum.