Menorca Yacht Charters

As the easternmost Balearic Island, Menorca is the opposite of its neighbors. It boasts a low-key vibe, fewer tourists, and since 1993, a reputation as an island-wide, Unesco-named Biosphere Reserve. Head to this quiet island for white-sand bays, rolling hills, Bronze Age artifacts, friendly faces and familiar, sea-splashed cities.

The island is the perfect backdrop for much-needed recovery and respite. While many visitors choose to relax on one of the phenomenal beaches, adventurers can explore the natural parks or marine reserves, go hiking, kayaking or windsurfing, or take a cycling tour.

Menorca has been, from prehistory to very recent times, a crossroads for many cultures because of its position at the center of the western Mediterranean. It has been considered both a port of call and a place of refuge, and each culture that has passed through left behind a rich historical legacy. Arab, Roman, British and French cultures continue to influence the art, music and cuisine of the island.