Mainland Spain Yacht Charters

Explore Barcelona, Costa Brava and Costa del Sol on your luxury yacht charter in Spain

Costa BravaThere is little that compares to time spent on the Spanish mainland. From Madrid to southern Spain, cobblestone streets are lined with cafes, shops and apartment buildings painted shades of pink, yellow, and tangerine, much like the colors of the sunset over the Mediterranean.

Welcoming squares are filled with local markets where residents sell traditional, homemade wares: like paella dishes, clay pots, folding fans, jeweled bull figurines and blown-glass china. From its dramatic coastal cliffs to its soft, white sand beaches, Spain is dotted with people of all ages climbing its mountainous terrain, basking under its warm, Mediterranean sun, wandering in and out of its beachfront bars, and exploring its lush pastures. Everywhere you turn, music is playing – from choirs belting loud hymns and large bands performing at outdoor concerts, to troubadours serenading passersby, hoping for extra change.

Dominated by cathedrals, with their majestic architecture and towering steeples overpowering the skies above, Spain is a country based on its traditions and beliefs.

As a beautiful country filled with wonder and enchantment, Spain invites you to anchor at its ports and visit its most raved-about sites, especially those listed below while on your yacht charter in Spain.

Things To Do and See in Mainland Spain

Noted for being one of the most cosmopolitan cities in spain, with an unrivaled reputation as a culinary destination, Barcelona is often visited for its tasty local restaurants, vibrant club scene, friendly inhabitants and colorful, lively surroundings. For a true taste of Barcelona, visit one of its beaches and tan under its hot, Mediterranean sun, dance your way down Las Ramblas, or explore the city’s Gothic architecture – namely Antoni Gaudi’s work, which can be found by viewing Parque Guell or La Sagrada Familia.

Costa BravaCosta Brava
Given a name that means “rugged coast,” Costa Brava is a haven of unspoiled coves, charming seaside towns, delicious local restaurants, enchanting scenery and some of the Mediterranean’s best diving. Further inland, in the green countryside, curious travelers will find that Costa Brava is dotted with quaint stone villages, the Medieval town of Girona, and plentiful sites connected with Salvador Dali’s eccentric, and surreal, art. Visit in the summer to see what this beautiful destination is all about – during the winter, the Spanish coastline might as well be closed.

Costa Del Sol Costa del Sol
Costa del Sol, or “the Sun Coast,” was named for the fact that it routinely gets 300 days of sun each year. Stretching across 100 miles of the coast of the Malaga province, Costa del Sol, and its surrounding areas, have some of the highest concentrations of first-class golf courses, restaurants boasting authentic Spanish tapas, Flamenco dances and public bullfights. With its pristine blue waters and idyllic coast, Costa del Sol is an ideal destination for yachters who want to explore mainland Spain.

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